Phoenix Suns: Frank Kaminsky slightly odd choice for NBPA rep

Phoenix Suns Frank Kaminsky (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns Frank Kaminsky (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns have designed Frank Kaminsky to represent them in the NBPA. While I’m sure he does a good job, he is a bit of an odd choice.

Sit around and wait is the mentality of not only NBA fans right now, but also players, coaches, and everyone else. The Phoenix Suns are no different. The players have a group chat right going where they get updates about the league’s discussions on a return to play from their National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) representative, Frank Kaminsky.

Kaminsky is a funny guy, and I’m sure he’s a good choice to fill this role, but a large part of me wonders, “Why Frank?”

Sure, he’s a veteran, has his college diploma (not that diplomas are the defining metric of intelligence, they’re not), and seems liked by most everyone. He also probably does a good job with it, in general.

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Frank Kaminsky seems like an odd choice to represents the Phoenix Suns for the NBPA.

However, he is also finishing up what may very well be his short time with the Phoenix Suns. Before the season, he signed a two-year $10 million deal, but this coming season is a club option. While I think a decent amount of people would like to see him back (7-foot tall 3-point shooters who can provide scoring off the bench don’t come around too often), there is wide speculation the team will cut him in order to free up cap space and bring in a big-ish name free agent this offseason.

It just seems like a bit of a crappy spot to put him in. One day he is the team representative conveying incredibly important information from once-in-a-lifetime discussions about how the league will return from a global pandemic, and the next he is waived so the team can hopefully sign someone like Danillo Gallinari.

Business is business, but that’s cold.

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What’s even stranger here is that according to the NBPA leadership website, Kelly Oubre is actually the team representative and the alternate is Mikal Bridges. I’m not sure if the site is just outdated or there was a last-minute change, or what.

So, who should be the rep? I’d look at someone who is a veteran, would be good at it, but more importantly, is not on their way out the door. Considering most superstars aren’t reps (Danny Green represents the Los Angeles Lakers), I don’t think it should be Devin Booker. He’s been busy anyway.

That makes me agree with the website and think Kelly Oubre and Mikal Bridges (even though he’s not a veteran) are pretty good choices. I don’t know why it changed.

Ricky Rubio might also be a good choice, but I’m sure he’s enjoying this extra, unexpected time with his newborn son.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. It is a decision that belongs to the Phoenix Suns, and they can pick whomever they’d like. At least we know what he’s arguing for, as he told reporters he would goto Saturn if he had to if it meant he could play.

He (and most everyone else) just wants to get back out there.

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