All Phoenix Suns players would be available if play returns

Phoenix Suns Kelly Oubre (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns Kelly Oubre (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns haven’t had good luck this season with player availability. However, if the season were to resume, they should finally have all their players ready to go.

The Phoenix Suns have been short-handed in every game since opening night. Whether it was a suspension, injury, or sickness, Monty Williams has never had their full complement of players at his disposal.

However, if by some chance the NBA returns in a format that includes all 30 teams, every player should be available.

The two biggest question marks would be Frank Kaminsky and Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kaminsky fractured his patella back in December, however, he should be ready to go at this point. Kelly Oubre, who underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in early March, can be seen without wearing a knee brace on Instagram going through drills that make you believe he would also be ready to return.

James Jones even said as much a month ago during a conference call with local media. 

"“Kelly and Frank, those two guys are through their healing process, but they haven’t had a chance to do the sport rehabilitation that would get them closer to playing. So they’re kind of stuck, kind of pressed the pause button on their recovery because they can’t get on the court, which is the most important step in any athlete’s recovery.”"

Now that individual workouts are back, that rehabilitation should be underway at the Madhouse on McDowell.

I bring this up because it may be in the NBA’s best financial interest to squeeze out every bit of revenue it can when play resumes, which would include all 30 teams.

If the league were to cancel the playoffs outright, players collectively would stand to lose close to a billion (with a B) dollars. Players already started taking pay cuts this Friday.

If all 30 teams were involved, in a return, what would it look like? Rumors have it that the play-in style tournament is likely not an option, so that would likely mean teams would just play out a handful of their regular-season games in an effort.

There’s not much in that for non-playoff teams like the Phoenix Suns from a competitive nature. The only thing more games could really do is help or hurt their lottery position. However, for playoff teams, it would serve as a good tune-up before the post-season.

Regardless, it is good to know the Suns would have all players available if they do play another game. It only took the entire season and a multiple-month hiatus to get there.

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