Phoenix Suns: LaVar Ball trashes Charles Barkley, no one really cares

Phoenix Suns, LaVar Ball (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, LaVar Ball (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images) /

LaVar Ball talked trash about Phoenix Suns legend, Charles Barkley, on a recent podcast and it is of no consequence whatsoever.

A large part of me doesn’t want to post this as it only draws more attention to idiocy, but with a dearth of Phoenix Suns-related content out there, I’ve resigned myself to writing about something LaVar Ball said. Here we go.

On the Load Management podcast, LaVar Ball talked nonsense about a series of topics (mostly how great his sons are) but also dabbled taking shots at Charles Barkley. I highly recommend you do not listen to the episode unless you feel the need to have your IQ drop a few points.

While he claimed that Barkley was his favorite player back in the day, he says not to like him any more for “talking crazy,” and referred to him as “Roadkill” and “Donut Man.”

He also said Draymond Green was way better, but it was evident he only aid that due to whatever beef he had with Barkley’s past comments on him and his sons.

This is important because…it’s not. It’s not important at all.

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Having to listen to him speak for an extended period of time where he constantly brags and boasts with the type of arrogance that unfortunately makes people way too popular these days only reaffirms my sentiment that the Phoenix Suns should stay far away from drafting LaMelo Ball.

The person who should be most against drafting him is Monty Williams, and Ball gave an anecdote in this podcast to prove it.

After Alvin Gentry had Lonzo Ball come off the bench, LaVar told Gentry:

"“My son is not a role player…Lonzo’s not going to say, ‘I need to be in there’, he’s too calm and cool. That’s where I come in and I’m like, ‘That’s not going to work, man. Give him 35-40 minutes a game if you want to win.”"

So, here is an NBA player’s dad bragging about the fact he told an NBA coach to play his son 35-40 minutes per game. I…just…can’t.

Good luck to the staff and media for the team that drafts LaMelo; I can only hope it’s not the Suns so I won’t have to write more about what this mans says.

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