Phoenix Suns: Recapping the incredible 1992-1993 season

Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls
Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls /

The Finals

With the win over the Sonics, Phoenix would make their second finals appearance in franchise history. Game-1 would not go in the Suns’ favor. Michael Jordan had 31 points in an eight-point opening statement win for Chicago. Despite the loss, Barkley still showed out, punching in 21 points and 11 rebounds along with 5 assists.

In Episode 6 of The Last Dance, Barkley claimed they lost that gave because the team was nervous.

Game 2 would be closer but the Bulls would still defeat the Suns 108-111. Chuck had 42 and 13, Thunder Dan had 13, and Danny Ainge had 20 points while hitting 3 out of 4 from deep. Kevin Johnson played 32 minutes but only scored 4 points and eventually fouled out, which pretty much handed Chicago the win.

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Going back to Chicago down 0-2 was looking like the end for the Suns but they rallied back in Game-3. Phoenix won 129-121 in a triple-overtime classic. The MVP of the league had 24 points and 19 boards, KJ had 25-7-9, Majerle added 28 points, and TC had 12 off the bench.

Winning the series after falling to 0-2 seemed impossible, and it turned out to be just that. Jordan and the Bulls won Game-4 111-105 despite four out of the five Suns starters scoring 14 or more and Barkley dominating with 32 and 12.

The Suns would bounce back in Game 5 with a 10 point 108-98 win in Chicago. Barkley and Johnson combined for 49 and Dumas had 25 of his own points. Majerle shockingly out-rebounded Barkley 12-6, yet the Suns still managed to steal a win.

Afterward, Barkley told media, “They need to get that s— out of the windows. They aren’t going to need it tonight,” referencing the boarded-up windows put in place to help prevent against damage from what many thought would be an impending celebration.

It was Game-6, the Bulls led the series 3-2 and were looking to win their 3rd NBA Championship. Michael Jordan had never been to a Game-7 in the NBA finals, and this game was no different. The Bulls won 99-98 behind 33 points from Michael Jordan and a game-winning shot from John Paxson. In their last NBA Finals game with the Suns, Barkley showed out with 21 and 17, KJ had 19 and 10, and Majerle scored 21 but it just wasn’t enough to stop the Bulls’ dynasty.

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Although the Suns eventually lost in the end, it was a very fun and successful season for the Phoenix Suns and was the best and most enjoyable season in franchise history.