Phoenix Suns Flashback: Suns vs Lakers Game 6 2006 NBA Playoffs

Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images) /

Quarter 2:

  • 12:00: Barbosa re-emerges from the locker room with stitches on his lip.
  • 10:48: Barbosa re-enters game for Nash. Nash’s first rest of the game, Lakers lead 37-34.
  • 7:07: Barbosa blows by Odom and gets fouled. Lakers already in penalty. Nash re-enters game and the Suns have a 45-44 lead after Barbosa makes his first of two free throws. Doug Collins with classic jink as he talks about Suns shooting 90% from the line in the series and that Barbosa is 15-for-15. Barbosa misses 2nd free throw LOL Barbosa unsung hero for the Suns so far, Suns staying in the game by getting to the line, Lakers dominating the paint.
  • 5:53: Broadcast shows graphic coming out of Lakers timeout, Lakers +12 points in the paint, +9 2nd chance points, Suns +11 points off turnovers, +9 points from three-point range. Sums up the game to that point well, Lakers dominating in the paint and on the glass, but turning the ball over a lot and the Suns are taking advantage
  • 5:51: Tim Thomas gets offensive foul for moving screen for Nash, Collins makes another great observation that the turnover was actually Nash’s fault for moving before Thomas was set. Says that is an issue with guards at times on all levels. Mentions Kobe did it earlier in the game as well
  • 4:12: Nash gets fouled from behind while driving to the rim by Smush Parker. Lakers in the penalty so Nash shoots two free throws. Kevin Harlan notes that he led the NBA in free throw percentage during the regular season. I honestly love Nash’s free-throw routine, it is indicative of how repetition can lead to greatness. He licks his fingers (dangerous move in COVID-19 times) does two practice shots the exact same way with no ball, then he receives it, licks his fingers again and puts his glorious hair behind his ears (dangerous move in COVID-19 times lol) dribbles three times and shoots with the same form and hits nothing but net. Rinse. Repeat. Suns 51-48.
  • 4:12: Broadcast pans to guy with a sign saying Kobe is the real MVP (he did average 35.7 points that season), sorry bro the real MVP is at the line
  • 3:57: Kwame Brown pushes off for post position and gets 3rd foul. This is big as he has 10 first-half points and is too big and physical for an undermanned and undersized Suns team. Foul trouble was always an issue, along with stone hands…
  • 2:58: Marion picks up 3rd foul. Harlan and Collins start talking about triangle offense and the similarities in roles for Kobe and Jordan. The camera pans to Phil Jackson, he looks like Colonel Sanders, maybe he will appear in an ad, too, one day.
  • 2:51: Brian Grant checks in for Suns as Tim Thomas gets 3rd foul. Completely forgot he was on the Suns, a shell of himself at that point. Interestingly enough, he was on the Lakers a year prior as part of the trade that sent Shaq to the Miami Heat. Odom was in that trade as well.
  • 1:49: Hilarious interaction between Odom and head referee Dick Bavetta. Odom is complaining about a foul and Bavetta is shaking his head enthusiastically in agreement with Odom to humor him. This is happening while the commentators are discussing Kobe’s league-leading 35.7 points per game that season, most sine Jordan in 1987-88 and Collins jokes Jordan was well-coached that year, Collins was his coach. Phil Jackson took over a year later.
  • 0:27: Questionable foul call on Kobe as he blocks Barbosa layup on the fast break. Kobe falls on and completely flattens someone sitting on the floor behind the hoop. Kobe nor anyone on the broadcast acknowledges it. Hah! Barbosa makes both, Suns retake lead 58-57.
  • 0:02: Charge call on Kobe driving to the rim. He is furious but it is a good call, Grant had his feet set and was out of the restricted area.
  • 0:00: Well played half. Lakers shot 64%, Suns shot 58%
  • 0:00: Barbosa with classic halftime interview after scoring 15 points in the 1st half. David Aldridge asks him how his lip is feeling and he replies: “It hurts, it really hurts, but we need to win this game.” You gotta love Barbosa.

Halftime Score: Phoenix Suns 60, Los Angeles Lakers 57