April Fools: Top 10 Phoenix Suns pranks in recent history

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#2: Sarver Inspires McDonough to be the GOAT

Perpetrator: Robert Sarver
Victim: Ryan McDonough

Well, I guess we know where the Phoenix Suns get the prank mentality. The team’s owner, Robert Sarver, had one of his pranks outed in what was somewhat of a smear article on ESPN. The text is rife with the-Suns-front-office-is-dysfunctional type of rhetoric, but I can’t help but laugh at the most outrageous anecdote in the story. I’ll let the story speak for itself:

"Four years after naming McDonough general manager, Sarver acquired some live goats from a Diana Taurasi event at Talking Stick Resort Arena and planted them upstairs in McDonough’s office. The stunt was both a practical joke and an inspirational message — the Suns should find a GOAT of their own, one who dominates like Taurasi. The goats, unaware of their metaphorical connotation, proceeded to defecate all over McDonough’s office."

There may not be a more fitting physical embodiment of the Ryan McDonough era than his General Manager’s office filled with goat poop.

To add to the that’s-about-right sentiment of this all, Sarver went on to extend McDonough’s contract right after this goat incident because of course.

Suns failures aside, this prank is brilliant, but also I have so many questions. Why were goats at a Diana Taurasi event? I get that she is the greatest of all time, but did they really need livestock to drive that home?

Props to Sarver for this one. It is hard to get combine metaphorical inspiration with hilarity into one prank. He rightfully gets a ton of crap from Suns fans, but him delivering crap to McDonough deserves credit.

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