Phoenix Suns: 5 best Frank Kaminsky quotes from his NBA2K match

Phoenix Suns, Frank Kaminsky (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Frank Kaminsky (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Frank Kaminsky manned the controller in the Phoenix Suns’ continued NBA2K playing out of the rest of their season against Bruce Bowen and the Indiana Pacers.

The Phoenix Suns are sticking with their commitment to bring you their suspended games via NBA2K and Twitch. This time around, they bestowed the controller upon the skilled and slightly goofy Wisconsinite, Frank Kaminsky III. His opponent was Brian Bowen II of the Indiana Pacers.

Frank the Tank playing as Frank the Tank was something to behold. For some reason, he was wearing your nursing-homed grandfather’s sunglasses throughout the game. Yes, he was playing indoors. No, I have no idea why. Regardless, it added to the ambiance.

Kaminsky’s style of playing NBA2K is much different than mine and it was driving me crazy the entire game. There were so many times he could have driven to the lane, but instead, he opted for the outside jumper.

Now that I write that down, that is very similar to his real-life style of play, so I guess that makes sense.

Bowen, on the other hand, scored most of his point in the paint. Thinking about it, they basically aligned with their generational suffixes. Kaminsky III shot a ton of 3s while Bowen II shot almost exclusively 2s.

When I wasn’t yelling at my screen for Frank to quit shooting so many 3s, I was laughing at his commentary, especially when it revolved around his virtual Mini-Me. Here are five of his best lines:

“Time to bring him in. It’s the secret weapon.” *Frank Kaminsky subs in* “There he is!”

Frank Kaminsky didn’t wait for the computer to sub Frank Kaminksy in. With around two minutes left in the first quarter, Kaminsky subbed the 3D version of himself in and let Bowen know he was ready for business, calling his character the secret weapon. Bowen sarcastically simply replied, “Oh no!”

“Can you get a tech in NBA2K?”

The difference in this game was at the free-throw line, as Bowen and the Pacers hit 15-18 while Kaminsky and the Phoenix Suns were just 4-7.

Remember what I said about Frank not driving enough? See? It’s true.

Regardless, Kaminsky was ready to complain to the officials after several calls that went the Pacers’ way. It got to the point he was ready to get a virtual technical foul if that was even possible.

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“One man fast break! Oh, my God, I’m slow!”

Shortly after Frank subbed himself into the game, little Frank got the ball on a fast break with one man to beat. He screamed out, “One man fast break!” before immediately coming to grips with reality this his player doesn’t exactly have a 99 speed rating.

Still, just like real-life Frank can score with finesse, his character made a nice move and scored the bucket.

“I’m trash.”

After missing back-to-back threes in one possession with Frank Kaminsky, Frank Kaminsky blurted out, “I’m trash.”

His character went 0-4 in the game from behind the arc, but he did hit a contested long 2-pointer as time expired before the half. So that wasn’t trash. Regardless, there was no fanning himself off in this game.

“I had an efficient 8 points on 9 shots.”

The first thing they did after the game, as we all do, was rush to the box score. Kaminsky was not too impressed with his character’s stat line and sarcastically called his eight points on nine shots, “efficient.”

66. 93. 100. Final. 87

Bowen ended up winning the game, and now Frank Kaminsky owes him push-ups. There is no telling on when or if that payment will ever be made, but overall, this was a fun one to watch.

It is so much better when the Suns have players as the ones playing. There is something about watching a guy play with himself on a video game that is mind-warpingly interesting.

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