The Phoenix Suns should consider Kelly Oubre untouchable

Phoenix Suns, Kelly Oubre (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Kelly Oubre (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Kelly Oubre Jr. has shown on and off the court why the Phoenix Suns should do whatever they can to keep him and consider him untouchable for future trades.

Last season, the Phoenix Suns traded for Kelly Oubre Jr., and ever since, the future has looked brighter than ever. The tools Oubre possesses such as his defense, length, shooting, and rebounding are ones you would want in the making of a star.

Trade deadline rumors suggested the Suns were fielding calls for Tsunami Papi, but Oubre should be considered untouchable, and the Suns hold onto him for as long as possible.

Originally drafted by the Wizards in 2015, Oubre struggled to find minutes, only playing 20.2 minutes per game during his first three seasons in Washington. Only 29 games into his fourth season, Washington sent Oubre to the Valley.

Oubre immediately provided an impact, scoring 18 points and grabbing 6 rebounds en route to an eight-point win over the Boston Celtics. Shortly after arriving in Phoenix, Oubre would change the culture for the good with only two words: Valley Boyz.

Valley Boyz, which unveiled a pop-up clothing shop before the start of this season, is more than just fashion, it’s a lifestyle. Those two words had every Suns fan on board with him from the moment he said it. I interpret Valley Boyz as Phoenix pride, the love for the City and the state of Arizona, tied in with being proud to play for the Suns.

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Recently, playing for the Suns has not been popular, most notably highlighted by the Eric Bledsoe and Morris Twins drama, so it feels good to have a guy who is committed to this team.

Even without looking at his off-court style, his energy, or his overall personality, Oubre’s game could stand all by itself, without him saying a word.

Kelly is a special player. He can shoot it from deep, lock up the opposing team’s star, rack up double-digit rebounds, and famously, posterize anybody in his way.

If I had to compare Oubre to one Phoenix Suns all-time great, it would be Shawn Marion. Both guys play small forward, work hard on both ends, can play multiple positions, and do not need the ball in their hands to be effective.

Marion rose to another level playing with Steve Nash, and we are seeing the same from Oubre playing with Devin Booker, and Ricky Rubio. The similarities between the two players are insane and should make Suns fans very excited for the future.

Averaging a career-high 18.8 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 1.3 steals, 35% from 3, the young forward has had a huge impact on the Phoenix Suns. Oubre is only in his 5th NBA season and will continue to get better.

He has shown the potential to be an all-around star and a key player for a franchise hoping to win soon win.

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Putting together his off-court influence with the way he plays the game, Kelly is going to be very successful in the NBA, and hopefully, he will remain in Phoenix until he decides to hang his jersey up.