One potential trade the Phoenix Suns could make with every team in the NBA

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Kyle Kuzma Phoenix Suns (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

Even if they do not trade for a superstar, Phoenix Suns fans would love to see James Jones pull off some sort of a deal that shakes things up and gives a little bit of hope.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole  lot out there for the Phoenix Suns to target at the moment, so for the first time in a while, James Jones could primarily be targeting more cap space for this summer, and/or draft picks – both of which would work to his advantage in his future attempts to acquire that next star this summer.

This piece is a series of both potential and legitimate trades the Phoenix Suns could make by the NBA’s trade deadline, some being more exciting than others, but all as likely as I could possibly conceive.

There are no “gotchya” trades in this post where I somehow pull a magic rabbit out of a hat and acquire, say, Chris Paul for a few second round picks (although, at least then the Suns would finally have their All-Star).

These are all serious and plausible, and as fair as I could come up with, each one of them worked out on ESPN’s Trade Machine for contractual accuracy.

As I am writing this introduction and putting the final touches on the post, it is now rumored that the Phoenix Suns are in talks with the Detroit Pistons for Luke Kennard. Unfortunately in my page about the Pistons, I did not have Kennard coming back to the Valley of the Suns – although I am certainly not against it.

So while I was tempted to go back and make a change to cheat and come off as a great predictor of the future, I am sticking to my gut and the original deal that I had conceived.

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