Phoenix Suns: Warriors may trade D’Angelo Russell before deadline

D'Angelo Russell, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)
D'Angelo Russell, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Golden State Warriors are reportedly listening to offers for D’Angelo Russell, and the Phoenix Suns have been named as one of the teams possibly making one of those offers.

The news that D’Angelo Russell might be on the trading block is not new, however, it was rumored that the Golden State Warriors would wait until the summer before dealing him. Mark Stein, however, is reporting the team is listening to pitches and could trade him before this week’s deadline for the right offer. One of those pitches is most certainly coming from the Phoenix Suns.

Stein specifically called out the Minnesota Timberwolves as a team that is vying hard for Russell’s services. However, Prime Time Sports Talk, per their sources, claim that indeed, the Phoenix Suns are interested in D’Lo.

If Book-KAT-D’Lo are going to come together and play on the same team, and if that team is either going to be the Minnesota Timberwolves or the Phoenix Suns, then this week could determine which one wins the Goodfellas lottery.

If D’Angelo is traded to either the Suns or the Wolves, then this would pair two of the three, and at that point, it would almost certainly provide the leverage to extract the third superstar from his current residence.

This means if D’Lo is traded to the Suns, then a trade for Karl-Anthony Towns becomes much more likely. However, if the Wolves were to coerce the Warriors into trading D’Lo to them, then they would most certainly come after Devin Booker hard.

These three players have publicly expressed their desire to play together and in a players’ league like the NBA, often times we have seen players talk these types of wishes into existence. The Phoenix Suns and James Jones have to take advantage of this and strike while the opportunity is  there.

Worry about KAT later. The focus has to be on D’Angelo Russell, and the focus has to be now. The Suns have to do what it takes, whatever it takes, to get Russell because if the Wolves get him, then the best player to ever don a Suns jersey in decades may grow wondering eyes and start looking up north.

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That would be the worst possible scenario for the Phoenix Suns, so trading for Russell is more than just about one player. It is about the future of the franchise.

Make. It. Happen.