Phoenix Suns: Booker is the biggest All-Star snub in NBA history

Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Given the selections of this year’s NBA All-Star game, it is fair and accurate to say the Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker is the biggest snub in NBA history.

When the Phoenix Suns community heard Devin Booker would not be representing his team in this year’s All-Star Game, they did not take that news well. Rightly so.

Devin Booker was snubbed of an opportunity to be on last year’s All-Star team, presumably due to the Suns’ lack of wins, rather than his performance. However, the Suns have already exceeded the number of wins from last year with 20, they have improved in almost every statistic.

ESPN released a stat saying that Booker is one of only six players in NBA history to average 27 points per game, six assists per game, and shoot 50 percent from the field and not make the All-Star Game. The others who have accomplished this statistical greatness are LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Stephen Curry, and Oscar Robertson. Those five players are top 20 players of all-time!

What is even more frustrating about this situation is that Trae Young is an All-Star starter with only 13 wins for his Atlanta Hawks. Similarly, Brandon Ingram whose New Orleans Pelicans only have 19 wins, and whose stats are not as impressive as Booker’s also made the reserves.

Speaking of stats that are not as good as Booker’s, there are eight players that were selected whose stats are inferior to the Suns’ front man.

What is even more unsettling about Booker not being an All-Star is sheds a light on the utter disrespect the NBA gives the Phoenix Suns organization. This lack of respect shows that fans do not watch Booker enough, executives and coaches still do not want to reward him with what he deserves, and the NBA has lack of consistency in what they preach.

If you sit down and watch a Phoenix Suns game you will begin to realize that Booker is consistently one of, if not, the best player on the court. Since Christmas, Booker has been a top-10 player in the NBA and it is not even a question.

As an organization that has been laughed at for years, Suns fans deserved this, but Booker deserved this more.

Moving forward, this is not something Booker will dwell on and let get in his head. If anything it will motivate him to continue what he is doing and possibly even elevate his game.

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There is no question that Booker should be traveling to Chicago and honoring one of his idols, Kobe Bryant, in the All-Star game this year and it is truly a shame that the NBA has not recognized his greatness.