Stephen A. Smith would love to see the Phoenix Suns trade Devin Booker to the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns’ name got dragged into Stephen A. Smith’s wish list for the Los Angeles Lakers when he suggested the Lakers package Kyle Kuzma in an offer for Devin Booker.

Notoriously eccentric television personality stirred up some flames yesterday when he said on ESPN’s First Take he would love to see the Los Angeles Lakers make a trade with the Phoenix Suns for Devin Booker. The key component of his hypothetical fantasy? Kyle Kuzma.

Smith’s quote (minus the overly dramatic pauses):

"“If I could package Kuzma with a multitude of players and even a pick, and I could get myself Devin Booker to join Anthony Davis and LeBron James, would I do that? Hell yes.”"

If you are a Lakers fan, he’s right.

The Los Angeles Lakers should definitely trade Kyle Kuzma, some crappy players, and a pick for Devin Booker.

In the same vein, I should also package a half-eaten sandwich, some belly button lint, and maybe a an old t-shirt in exchange it for a date with Emily Ratajkowski.

The problem is, trades require two entities to agree, and Emily, much like the Phoenix Suns in Smith’s scenario, would laugh at this proposal and continue on their merry way.

Stephen A. Smith knows this, and acknowledge the Suns would not be interested in a Q&A session he posted in Twitter:

"“I never said something like [trading Kuzma for Booker] could be accepted. I said it was on my wish list because I would love to see Devin Booker on a contender, especially with LeBron and AD. That’s all I said.”"

He continued to then trash the questioner to insinuating Smith actually thought the trade was viable (in addition to telling another questioner to, “get a life”), which, I mean, whatever. Stephen A. gonna Stephen A.

Regardless of how insane the Suns would be for giving up Booker for the likes of Kyle Kuzma and maybe a pick, two things stand out when you zoom back a bit.

First, Devin Booker is getting some national praise. It might not be in the best light possible considering it is under the scenario of him playing for another team, but Suns fans are always clamoring for more national recognition for Book. Here it is.

The second point ties into the first and Stephen A. throws this in as a bit of a sidebar after his Booker-to-Lakers wish:

"“I love Devin Booker and I think what has happened to him in Phoenix is criminal.”"

Presumably, he’s talking about the carousel of head coaches Booker has had in his first five years in the league, as well as lack of quality NBA talent on the roster, essentially wasting Booker’s skills.

We know, Stephen A. We know.

This is the Starver stench the Phoenix Suns need to shed if they want to become a winning franchise. Too many times the Suns’ recent struggles are brought up by national talking heads, and it, unfortunately, further tarnishes the brand.

He did, however, give praise where it was due:

"“Monty Williams can coach and I’m proud of the job he is doing, because he is exactly what that franchise needed. Finally Sarver did something right. They’ve got James Jones in the front office as well…I’m proud of what I’m seeing from Phoenix.”"

As much criticism Smith is rightfully due for suggesting all this Kuzma-for-Booker nonsense, I’ll in turn, give credit where it is due. All too often national writers get wound up in the negative and dismiss the quality moves the Suns have made recently. It is good Smith pointed those good moves out too.

To recap this flurry of Stephen A. Smith rants:

  • Pairing Booker with AD and LeBron on the Lakers is something he would like to see.
  • But trading Kuzma (and others) for Booker is something the Suns would never consider.
  • Anyone who thinks he was suggesting it was possible trade needs to get a life.
  • The Suns have been an altogether horrible franchise the last several years.
  • But they made some good hires in Monty Williams and James Jones, so things are looking up.

Alright. Got it. Let’s focus on the last bullet point and move on.

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Oh, and Emily, in case you’re reading, I have that half-eaten sandwich in the fridge if you want to take me up on that date.