The Phoenix Suns are interested in Dennis Schroder for some reason

The Phoenix Suns are in need of a quality veteran backup point guard, and one report shows they might have interest in Dennis Schroder. They shouldn’t.

In the Bleacher Report article that tied the Phoenix Suns to a few big-name trade interests like Kevin Love and Danilo Gallinari (who I’m still convinced they should not trade for), there was an another player mentioned that fell under the radar: veteran point guard, Dennis Schroder.

Here is the easily missed excerpt:

The Suns could also have interest in point guard Dennis Schroder, but that would probably require Dario Saric, Baynes and a minimum-salary player (like Cheick Diallo) for salary-matching purposes.

Schroder is making $15.5 million and has another season left on his contract before becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2021.

Considering the Suns are paying their current starting point guard (and presumed starting point guard for the next couple of years), Ricky Rubio, an average of $17 million, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to trade for Dennis Schroder.

But wait, hasn’t everyone and their mom talked about the Suns’ need for a veteran backup point guard? Isn’t Dennis Schroder exactly that?

Sure. He is. Which is why the Suns shouldn’t pay him a starter’s salary.

There are plenty of other point guards out there who don’t demand near that kind of money the Suns could pluck and play.

Schroder also isn’t really a good fit for how this Suns team plays. He is a shoot-first point guard who only averages a meager 3.7 assists per game.

This lack of passing would inevitably make Devin Booker (and others) less involved, and Monty Williams would have to completely change how his team plays when Schroder subbed in for Rubio.

Not ideal.

And if the article is to be believed, that is a boat load of assets the Suns would have to give up for a player who doesn’t fit. Aron Baynes and Dario Saric? And a minimum player? No, thank you.

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The Phoenix Suns have less than 30 days to make a roster move (or two) before the trade deadline. With all the buzz surrounding the plethora of possibilities, a shakeup seems inevitable.

However, James Jones shouldn’t make a trade just for the sake of it, and showing interest in Dennis Schroeder makes me nervous that kind of trade is possible.

Stay smart out there. The trade market is a dangerous world to dwell.

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