Phoenix Suns lose because, evidently, they didn’t follow the game plan

The Phoenix Suns lost a winnable game Sunday night against the Memphis Grizzlies, because, according to most everyone, they didn’t follow the game plan.

I don’t know what the game plan was when the Phoenix Suns battled the Memphis Grizzlies Sunday night, but according to pretty much everyone, the team didn’t follow it, and pin that as the primary reason they lost.

Head Coach Monty Williams took no questions in his post-game press conference. He just repeated the same phrase for thirty seconds and then left:

“Until we learn how to play the right way consistently and follow a game plan, we’re just going to have a lot of nights like this.”

Ricky Rubio echoed his coach’s frustration and confirmed the lack of game plan following:

“Tonight we didn’t follow his game plan, and didn’t do what he (told) us to do, and that’s unacceptable.”

And if there was any doubt on the post game theme, Booker confirmed:

“We had a game plan tonight that we didn’t do a good job of following. I’m not going to call anybody out, and by saying what we need to do you could single to a few players.”

Without knowing the game plan, and without anyone from the Suns calling anyone out (rightfully so), we are left with nothing but speculation. Shall we speculate?

Probably not. But if it wasn’t Booker or Rubio (and likely not Oubre), that pretty much leaves one of two guys who it could be, and they both started at center. Err, I mean, one started at center and the other started at power forward (wink, wink).

Not just parroting what players and coaches often say, but some credit should be given to the Memphis Grizzlies. They made 14 3-pointers compared to the Suns’ six. However, to go back to the unfollowed game plan motif, many of their 3s were wide open while the Suns’ attempts were oft forced.

I can’t image that’s how Monty drew it up.

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Maybe this loss will kickstart the Suns into some consistency. While I know it was a goal to sweep this home stand, realistically, it was a long shot. Now, they can refocus and, you know, follow the game plan when the play the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night.

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