Three theories as to why the Phoenix Suns are not mentioned with Karl-Anthony Towns – yet

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Devin Booker, D’Angelo Russell, Karl-Anthony Towns Phoenix Suns (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

RealGM tweeted that the Golden State Warriors are “monitoring” the situation surrounding Karl-Anthony Towns. Why haven’t the Phoenix Suns been mentioned in such a rumor?

Say it with me: the 2019-20 Phoenix Suns are just not that good.

They are not that deep.

They do not have the firepower necessary to keep up with some of the better teams in the league, nor to regularly beat the bottom-basement teams that they should walk into a game knowing that they will win.

They have Devin Booker, a legit, and true star, but no one else on the roster to both help him carry the load, or take pressure off of him.

The team is not that much fun to watch; Booker certainly  does not look like he’s having fun; and the fear that the team is already stagnated and not going anywhere, as well as the fear that Booker might demand a trade sooner rather than later leaving Phoenix without a legitimate star, each weighs heavily on the mind’s of fans.

One player that fans have long connected with the franchise as a means of potentially not only taking the Suns to the next level as well as giving Booker the best-friend running mate that he has so desperately wanted, is Karl-Anthony Towns.

But while fans  have connected the Minnesota Timberwolves’ center to Phoenix for some time (and Towns didn’t hurt things when he tweeted a picture of himself in a Suns Booker jersey in 2015), there has been very little publicly leaked that makes such a rumor seem like a potentiality.

Then, on December 30, RealGM tweeted that the Golden State Warriors are “monitoring” the situation surrounding Towns with the potential of pairing him up with the other in the triad of friends, D’Angelo Russell.

Nothing would break the heart’s of Phoenix Suns fans more than KAT being paired up with Russell in San Francisco, when there was a chance that either one of them could have been paired up with Booker in Phoenix already.

So then: aside from the potentiality that some combination of James Jones and Robert Sarver (which wouldn’t surprise me at all) not wanting Karl-Anthony Towns in Phoenix for some reason, why then would the Golden State Warriors be publicly tied to “monitoring” KAT (who you would think that when Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson come back to full strength they would both not necessarily need  KAT, nor want to give up the assets to acquire him), and not the Phoenix Suns?

Here are three theories.

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