The Phoenix Suns have turned their vast diversity into tremendous chemistry

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns roster is incredibly diverse. These cultural differences might make it somewhat difficult for some teams to gel, however the Suns have thrived on it and built uncanny team unity.

Around the country this Thanksgiving, Phoenix Suns‘ fans and their families will sit at a table and eat their weight in carbs. Some will enjoy the company, while for others, it will serve as nothing more than a cringe-worthy obligatory annual exercise.

Basketball teams are like families in this regard, in that chemistry and how much they like each other will make or break them.

A team with great talent oft cannot overcome poor team unity, and likewise, a talent-poor roster can overtake superior teams when they play together and play for each other.

When talent meets unity, that is when special things happen.

While the Suns might not have elite, “Big-3” caliber talent, they have made up for it with great team chemistry. The Valley Boyz really seem to like each other, and the love is contagious.

Just watch when someone falls down during a game. Within seconds, every Suns player on the court rushes over to help him up. It might appear a little inorganic at first but once it becomes habit, helping each other becomes part of the culture.

Team chemistry doesn’t come by just happenstance, either. Before the season, Devin Booker took the team on a players-only retreat to Laguna Beach where a backyard football game broke out, amongst other team-building activities.

That kind of stuff matters. It just does. And it shows on the court.

And when you look at the cast of characters on this roster, many of which are new to the Phoenix Suns and haven’t played together elsewhere, fostering team chemistry is vitally important.

It isn’t like these guys are all from the same neighborhood, or even state, and share similar life experiences leading to natural and instant affinity for one another.

The core 12-man roster features players hailing from six different countries. Think about all the different cultures that have to mesh for a team this diverse to come together and really genuinely like each other.

News flash: the Phoenix Suns are doing it.

This team breaks every huddle with, “1-2-3, Family!”

Now that they have faced a little adversity, let’s see how this family comes together and pulls themselves out of it.

If this tweet from Elie Okobo, and its subsequent retweet from Ricky Rubio is any indication, this team is staying united.

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That last bit about pulling through with family through diversity might be good advice for your Thanksgiving dinner too.