The Phoenix Suns’ new in-house screens are going to be awesome

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns’ screens above-the-court have been poor for some time, to say the least. The new one is by far my favorite addition in the arena’s forthcoming renovation.

One of the sure signs of a modern stadium or arena in American professional sports, is how big, clear, and bright their in-house big screen video boards are.

The Arizona State Sun Devils added a beautiful and gigantic screen to the south end zone in their most recent renovation – the largest in the state.

The Arizona Coyotes added a new above-the-ice set of screens at Gila River Arena in Glendale prior to last season, a very welcome change from the ugly (hard to explain if you didn’t see them yourself) two-type screens that were stacked above one another for many years preceding the update.

Of course the Dallas Cowboys’ screens above mid-field are the most impressive in all professional sports, and even has an elevator  within them to get from the bottom to the top, and back.

So while the new Talking Stick Resort Arena renovations will include some much needed additional places to lubricate one’s throat during a long game of yelling at the refs, in my opinion, the most welcome and exciting addition will be the new screens above mid-court.

Now, some might be thinking “big deal, I want to be watching the action on the court, not the action on the center-court screens.”

But let us all be honest with ourselves: we are an extremely visual species, and nearly each and every one of us have crystal clear flat screens not only in our living rooms, but in our pockets as well. We should thus expect the most clear-screen experience possible in the Arena as well.

Do not forget too: why are we yelling at the refs? Why do we need more bars in house?

Because NBA refs are terrible.

Now sports fans in America are obsessed with instant replay too – and proving the refs wrong – so we want to have the clearest view possible of all replays, both controversial, and not.

And then there is the fact that because of the big, clear screens we all have in our living rooms, the best seat in the house is in your  house. Nowhere are you going to watch a game in a more comfortable season than your own couch, and nowhere are you going to get cheaper beer than from your own fridge.

Going to the Arena to watch the game live is not only an arduous experience in regards to the travel time Downtown, plus the cost of gas, parking, tickets, food, and lubrication, so making the Arena experience as visually exciting and beautiful as possible will only help to continue to make the live experience worth seeking.

And while more easily accessible bars and more comfortable seats are niceties, it is the finishing touches in the ribbons between the lower bowl and the upper deck and the large screens that display game action, replay, and statistics live, that make the whole experience the most exhilarating.

Oh yeah – and I have always hated the fact that the current screens only display certain statistics and no player names which makes tracking Devin Booker‘s incredible game more difficult; but I have personally always hated   the cell phone screen frame around the screens as well as both looking extremely tacky and strange.

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In the end, Phoenix Suns fans should be excited about the renovations to come, and at least for this one fan – those new screens above the court are going to be a tremendously welcome addition.

Welcome to the world of modern American sports, Talking Stick Resort Arena. It has been a long time coming.