The Phoenix Suns should trade for Moritz Wagner

Moritz Wagner Phoenix Suns (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Moritz Wagner Phoenix Suns (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

John Gambadoro of 98.7 Arizona Sports said that the Los Angeles Lakers were looking to dump Moritz Wagner for two second round picks. The Phoenix Suns should take them up on their offer.

Of all of the holes the Phoenix Suns have on their roster, one of the least sexy is that of their backup center.

Unfortunately though, with Richaun Holmesarrest and no news about an extension since, there is a good chance that James Jones will keep his eye out for a cheap replacement, someone to spell Deandre Ayton, yet still provide solid bench production.

While he is no Kevon Looney (my personal favorite for the role), Moritz “Moe” Wagner will not only give a solid 10 minutes off the bench every night (at 6’11” he is a bit undersized for center), while also providing something that neither Ayton nor Holmes gave last year: he stretches the floor.

Averaging only 10.4 minutes per game last season, Wagner attempted 1.8 3’s per outing, although making only 28.6% of them (a poor percentage), but still an aspect of his game that would allow a free-flowing and outside shooting offense with the second unit, that, if Ayton does not adopt that same play-style this season, would be a huge change of pace for opponents.

Fortunately for the Suns, John Gambadoro of 98.7 Arizona Sports said that the Lakers have been offered first rounders for Moe yet they would prefer a second or two instead due to their desire to open up as much cap space as possible to acquire a third max contract star beyond LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Of course the Suns helping the L.A. Lakers in anyway hurts, yet at the same time, not only will they eventually have a taker for him, it’s not like Phoenix is anywhere near competing with the Lakers, nor is L.A. looking to make a move that will put them over the top of the Suns.

The two teams are so far apart that they are almost not even in the same league.

James Jones might as well do anything he can to improve his roster, regardless of who he helps in the process.

The only problem with this scenario is if the Lakers really do want two second round picks for this season (they need to fill out their roster and this is the best way possible), Phoenix only has one to offer at the moment, that is the 32nd overall pick.

Jones should,  however, be able to acquire a second second round pick via a salary dump.

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns /

Phoenix Suns

If he could specifically move the now multi-time beleaguered former fourth overall pick Josh Jackson (once arrested for trying to break into a VIP area at a hip hop concert in Florida then running from the police after being cuffed; previously suspended by the team for throwing up on the court during practice on January 1 (you can hear about that in the clip above); and now being accused of “accidentally” getting his four-month-old daughter high; by offering him for nothing more than a second round pick, Jones will have the two pieces necessary to swing the trade.

Phoenix can offer Jackson to say, San Antonio (yes, I know that would hurt if they accepted, but the Suns need to get better at all costs and not worry about what he could still  possibly become), for their 49th overall pick (19th overall in the second round), then swap that with their own 32nd overall pick (I do not want that pick to actually be a player on the Suns’ roster this coming season anyway) to the Lakers for Moe.

If consummated, one backup center acquired; one headache relieved of; and some money saved (Jackson will make $7,059,480 this coming season whereas Moe will earn $2,063,520 with two team options for 2020-22).

Next. One trade the Phoenix Suns could make with every team on draft day. dark

James Jones and Phoenix Suns ownership/management should look to add high-talent starters while acquiring low-cost role players and reserves. Moritz Wagner would be a very low cost reserve that would be a good enough addition to improve the roster at least nominally. If Jones could snag a second second round pick, he should immediately flip it with the 32nd overall pick for Moe and at least fill one position on the roster in desperate need of help.