The Phoenix Suns should trade their second round pick for Frank Ntilikina

Frank Ntilikina Phoenix Suns (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
Frank Ntilikina Phoenix Suns (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The New York Knicks want a draft pick for point guard Frank Ntilikina and the Phoenix Suns have the perfect one to offer.

It’s been repeated more times than any other statement regarding the makeup of the Phoenix Suns today: they need a point guard.

The New York Knicks have a few with the opportunity of signing another great one in free agency with the tremendous cap space.

But now, the Knicks are openly shopping former lottery pick Frank Ntilikina, a bust of a pick taken eighth overall, but at this point, he is better than they’ve got.

Not a starter (or at least if he was acquired to become the starter Phoenix wouldn’t be any better than last season), Frank could be a solid backup point guard to run with for one season.

Apparently New York would accept a high second round pick for the former eighth overall pick, which the Suns obviously have at 32. His contract is only a little over $4 million this coming season, the only remaining season of his contract that is guaranteed.

By trading for Ntilikina rather than using the pick, Phoenix does not have to deal with the risk of the player they draft being able to even make the roster. Frank is talented enough to be in the NBA, and on a cheap contract with no guaranteed long-term connection would help settle the back end of the point guard depth, something the team hasn’t had in some time.

A slightly  better outside shooter than either Elie Okobo or De’Anthony Melton, which is important as even minimal improvements would be huge for a team who finished last in the NBA in 3-point shooting last season.

Okobo and Melton too remain on the roster for this season with each of their contracts guaranteed. If Phoenix is going to draft a point guard and/or sign a veteran, at least one of those two are going to have to be moved.

While the acquisition of Frank might cause an unnecessary backlog in back end depth point guards, certainly a team would trade a second rounder for at least one of either Elie or Melton, which would clear space on the roster for Frank.

Phoenix could then use that later second rounder on a European draft-and-stash (something I would personally like to see James Jones tackle).

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Frank Ntilikina is by no means an above average point guard, but he has some NBA experience, is a better outside shooter than who the Phoenix Suns have on the back end of the roster now, and can be had for the 32nd overall pick, which is basically a meaningless selection as it is. The Phoenix Suns should trade and acquire him.