Ranking four point guards the Phoenix Suns may target in free agency

Phoenix Suns Jamal Crawford T.J. McConnell (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns Jamal Crawford T.J. McConnell (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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After reports suggesting the Phoenix Suns were “open to trading” the sixth pick for a veteran point guard were disputed by John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports, a new set of free agent guards have emerged as possible candidates to fill the Grand Canyon-sized void. Let’s rank them.

Recently, Valley of the Suns Site Editor Adam Maynes discussed a tweet by John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports in which Gambo mentioned four particular veteran point guards that he believes the Phoenix Suns will have interest in.

Adam essentially ranked them and laid up the pros and cons of each.

To be honest, he got the ranking all wrong and I want to offer my opinion on the matter now:

In the weeks leading up to draft night, smoke screens have become a normal part of the process.

Greedy organizations looking to boost the trade value of one of their valuable assets like to plant false rumors in the media, hoping a franchise takes the bait and offers more for their player than originally intended.

The result is a multitude of disputing reports and above all – confusion.

Welcome to the NBA offseason!

Unfortunately, it appears the Phoenix Suns have become caught up in a smoke screen of their own – starting with this report:

Followed by this rumor by ESPN’s Jonathan Givony:

Suns Twitter exploded into a frenzy.

Could they actually be targeting Lonzo Ball? How would Spencer Dinwiddie fit with Devin Booker? Could Chris Paul install bionic legs and continue his career in Phoenix?

A few day later, Suns fans were somewhat brought down to Earth again:

Oh. Not quite the names Phoenix fans expecting a huge splash wanted to hear. Nevertheless, some of these free agents are intriguing placeholders and could be worthy sidekicks in a Booker-led backcourt.

I decided to rank them based on talent and overall fit as potential Suns starting point guards.