The Phoenix Suns should use recent arrests as motivation

Phoenix Suns, Josh Jackson (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Josh Jackson (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

At first glance, the couple recent arrests in South Florida are simply bad news. However, the Phoenix Suns should use them as motivation.

Being in the NBA can have it’s perks at times but it can also have it’s downfalls. In today’s NBA, most young players are involved in social media and what comes along with all the troubles of it. Young players like Josh Jackson and Richaun Holmes of the Phoenix Suns can attest to that.

Both players attended festivities in Florida over the last two weeks and both ended up in trouble. The front office now has decisions to make on disciplinary actions.

Jackson, who has his fair share of flare ups on the court with players and coaches may be in a little bit more hot water than Holmes. Some times things may not seem as they appear, though, and a negative can be turned into a positive.

Perhaps the Suns could really tune in on Jackson to reach his full potential, seeing as he’s over aggressive and has self awareness.

Let’s use this for instance.

He was denied VIP treatment because the security didn’t know him. That’s where the self awareness and confidence comes in. If the Suns could get him to have that aggressiveness on defense, it would boost his confidence because he was a defensive player coming out of college.

We see Jackson knows who he is. Now, he just needs to get the world to see it.

Kevin Durant said it best.

"”You know who I am.”"

It’s all on your play and social media doesn’t help your cause when you lose.

As for Holmes, his future still may be up in the air after this incident. He was traded from Philadelphia, where he lost his spot as the back up center once Amir Johnson came into his game. Once Richaun was acquired by the Suns, and Tyson Chandler was bought out, he filled the backup position behind Deandre Ayton.

The only thing that may keep Holmes on the team is actual depth which they need at the big man position.

To be caught with a joint right before becoming a free agent does not help his cause.

Even though Jackson has more upside to his game, he’s had more problems already within the organization. Holmes has this arrest right after his first year in the valley.

It will be good to see how the new Phoenix Suns regime handles these legal problems. These are young players that still need to understand the society part of being an athlete and not just the fame and fortune.

Sometimes the saying goes “more money more problems” but with Monty Williams now as head coach and being able to be like a father figure, there is high possibility that a more narrow line will be walked but at the same time understood as opposed to being scolded.

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Young players need to be guided if they haven’t been guided prior to the NBA and these legal problems are just a part of a growing process that these two young Suns will have to live with, grow from and use to make better choices to protect their careers.