Why not: the Phoenix Suns should pursue Kyrie Irving

Devin Booker Kyrie Irving Phoenix Suns Boston Celtics (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Devin Booker Kyrie Irving Phoenix Suns Boston Celtics (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has speculated that the Phoenix Suns and point guard Kyrie Irving might have mutual interest in one another. So, why not?

The Phoenix Suns have had their eyes on Kyrie Iring for some time, and supposedly had the opportunity to land him in a trade with Cleveland two years ago had they been willing to give up their then fourth overall pick which eventually became the headache that is Josh Jackson.

But now, two years after passing (or whiffing) on that opportunity, Kyrie Irving is now an unrestricted free agent, 98.7 Arizona Sports’ John Gambadoro does not believe that the Celtics want to keep him, and ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has not only heard that the Suns and Irving could be a pair that has mutual interest in one another, but she then too believes that Kyrie would be a great fit in Phoenix.

This is Ramona stating that she thinks Kyrie in Phoenix would e a great fit and why:

This is Ramona stating that she heard on Lottery night that there could  a connection:

Honestly? I tend to agree.

The biggest hangup with Kyrie in 2016 was the loss of their number four overall pick and the possibility that that player (Jackson) could too be a star. If that had happened and Phoenix ended up not being a title contender, there was always the chance that Kyrie could leave the Suns this offseason as it appear he will with Boston.

That would have been a huge  blow to the franchise and might also have been a foundation cracking one with Devin Booker.

Phoenix too would not have had Deandre Ayton meaning that if the others moves around Kyrie had not worked out, the roster would have been toast beginning next season, instead of being on the rise.

But now, the Suns can essentially get Kyrie, only two years older and still only 27, for cash.

James Jones only needs to clear up some cap space, and voila: a max contract offer to a superstar point guard in his prime.

It could then too be possible to find another very good player (I have no legitimate speculation on who at this moment, but if either Jimmy Butler or Tobias Harris can be had at an affordable price, who knows – I certainly do not mean at a discount rate, but at a cost that would allow their signing coupled with Kyrie), then Phoenix’s starting lineup would be one of exceptional potency.

Of course, that additional signing might be the billowing smoke from this already likely pipe dream, so just imaging that Kyrie did sign, if Phoenix can still keep Kelly Oubre, the thought of a back court of Irving and Booker with Oubre and Ayton up front is still more than enough to make Suns fans begin dreaming of the team’s first playoff run since Lee DeWyze won season nine of American Idol.

It’s been a really long time.

Whoever else might become available, Kyrie makes the Phoenix Suns a playoff team right away and his signing would very likely prompt James Jones to seek an additional move right away to obtain another veteran try and create a “Big Four” of sorts, finally taking advantage of Devin Booker’s prime.

Must Read. Heck no: Kyrie Irving would kill the Phoenix Suns. light

The Phoenix Suns are likely a long shot to acquire the services of Kyrie Irving, however stranger things have happened and this kind of move is supposedly exactly why James Jones was hired as general manager in the first place.

If the two can find a way to match up, for the first time in a long time the Suns will win an NBA summer by making a big splash in free agency, something that fans have been dying for for nearly a decade now – and it is the kind of move that wouldn’t just win the press conference, but a lot of basketball games as well.