Ty Lue and the Lakers should make Phoenix Suns fans feel GREAT

Tyronn Lue LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Tyronn Lue LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Reports abound state that the Los Angeles Lakers have surprisingly moved on past Tyronn Lue as their next head coach. This should make Phoenix Suns fans feel Great.

To most fan’s surprise, the Los Angeles Lakers and Tyronn Lue – their presumed head coaching hire following the Phoenix Suns’ signing of Monty Williams – have reach an impasse that has ended all negotiations.

Whatever the reason is, it is a further sign of the Lakers’ dysfunction and vulnerability.

Two reasons that should make Phoenix Suns fans feel great about their own franchise’s situation.

To be fair to the Lakers (a statement which just made me throw up in my mouth), it has seemed like LA management was not fond of Lue (one of LeBron James‘ buddies) and they were probably hoping that a sticking point would come up that would prevent he and James from teaming up again, which would seemingly give James that much more power.

It is entirely possible that the Lakers placed a poison pill in their side of negotiations that they knew would either force Lue out, or that would weaken his authority if he accepted – and by extension LeBron’s, strengthening that of ownership and management.

Whatever the reason, though, the talks fell apart, and it appears that LA is moving onto a list of has-beens and re-treads in former coaching ranks, none of whom will come as highly acclaimed as Williams did to Phoenix.

For Suns fans, all of this is great theater. Highly-acclaimed by Valley sports aficionados, the reviews will rival that of Avengers Endgame, where onlookers cannot wait until the final act, anticipating the best – and in the case of the Lakers, the worst.

Knowing that LeBron James’ power is being checked some is great.

Knowing that the Lakers are dysfunctional from top-to-bottom is great.

Knowing that the Phoenix Suns might – just might  – be edging away from such dysfunction is great.

Knowing that not only did the Phoenix Suns get their guy at head coach, but stole him from the Lakers who’s management thought that “that guy” was theirs.

And knowing that if the Lakers are unable to acquire a second superstar to pair with LeBron (which is – in all fairness – not a guarantee by any means), then the Suns will have a legitimate opportunity to pass LA this coming season, and stay ahead of them for years to come.

The Lakers don’t have 28-year-old LeBron James. They have 34-year-old James, who may have taken this past season very easily, but has still played 19 seasons (including playoffs which are the equivalent to three full seasons) in only 16 years.

He will wear down, and if a star is not brought in, the amount of pressure that will be placed on his shoulders in the coming year will be even greater than anything he ever felt in either Cleveland or Miami.

Lest we forget: he might only be in Los Angeles to prepare for his post-NBA career anyway so his attention paid to the game is potentially dwindling as it is. If he doesn’t get a superstar running mate, he might literally turn off the afterburners entirely, never to turn them back on.

This is all great  news for Phoenix Suns fans who’s two stars have not even begun to touch the peak of their own powers; they have a management group that at least on an individual level are each highly respected; and their head coach not only comes equally as revered, but had he signed with the Lakers would have been touted as the co-savior of the franchise.

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Whatever the real reason was that the Los Angeles Lakers have ended negotiations with Tyronn Lue, all signs point to even more dysfunction within the organization than we could have even imagined.

The Lakers will be protected by the media and LeBron will always lead the headline news stories on SportsCenter, but a feeling of prosperity and happiness among the Valley of the Suns should be abound while we watch our arch-rivals continue to fail at every turn.