Monty’s vast array of relationships will help Phoenix Suns

Monty Williams Phoenix Suns (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Monty Williams Phoenix Suns (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The relationships that new head coach Monty Williams has built in the past will help the Phoenix Suns franchise in the future.

Monty Williams brings a lot to the Phoenix Suns and among them are prior relationships that he has made along the way. There are many different types of players and many kinds of personalities. Through his career, he’s encountered them all.

When he was a rookie, he played for the Patrick Ewing-led Knicks. The next year, he played for David Robinson‘s Spurs. When he was a member of the Orlando Magic, he was on the court with Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady. Later on, he played for the Sixers with Allen Iverson.

That’s just his playing days. Since becoming a coach, he’s dealt with the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler.

He is good at not just being a coach but forming relationships. Don’t get him wrong though, he will command that locker room no matter what star is in it. He will be ready for handling Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton.

Part of what he sold himself on during the interview process was his ability to push young players. That will be crucial for him here in Phoenix. Ayton is the type of player that needs someone to get after him, to push him and to force him to be his best in competitive situations. Monty will be that guy.

He has experience pulling a bottom team in the standings out of a rebuilding phase and to the playoffs. That will be expected here on the Suns and he will ready for that responsibility. He’s developed some of today’s biggest stars and is ready to grow the young men in the valley now.

Some players need a coach that’s going to punish them, push them and play hard ball with them. Others need a coach that’s going to take them aside and deal with them in privacy. He’s fine with either and will do both in Phoenix. He’s a people person and he understands who needs what kind of treatment to get the best out of them.

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He will make everything competitive and in doing such, he will push the Phoenix Suns to another level. Out of the bottom of the standings and back to winning ways.