Should the Phoenix Suns celebrate a Holiday?

Jrue Holiday Phoenix Suns (Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)
Jrue Holiday Phoenix Suns (Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images) /

With the Phoenix Suns struggling and desperately in need of a solid point guard, perhaps they should celebrate a “Holiday”?

It is by no means a stretch to say that the Phoenix Suns are absolutely struggling at the point guard position and need to find a way to answer that question this summer.

With Jrue Holiday continuing to progress and excelling as a lead guard, celebration of a “Holiday” would be in order.

According to Steve Deveney, the Suns are the front-runners of teams in contention for Jrue’s services.

So first things first: how would a deal get done to acquire him?

Well, here’s a trade that may work.

*Note – Randle has a player option that he must pick up for this trade to work. The working assumption is that he will pick it up.

This may be a walk on the dark side, but if the Pelicans’ offseason goes how Anthony Davis plans, the Pelicans will be forced to move on from their superstar centerpiece.

If A.D. goes to Boston, more than likely they will receive Tatum, Brown, Rozier, Smart and draft picks in return.

If he goes to L.A., you would assume the Lakers are more than likely trying to put another deal together to prepare to try and one-up Boston.

They will more than likely place a package together centered around, Kuzma, Ingram, Ball and whomever else New Orleans demands.

With all that said, Holiday and Randle will more than likely be replaced at their respective positions.

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns /

Phoenix Suns

David Griffin is now the new general manager for the Pelicans and a well-respected one at that.

This may be huge for the Suns if they are indeed interested in acquiring Jrue Holiday.

In this hypothetical trade, receiving Holiday and Julius Randle would be huge for Phoenix because Jrue is a bonafide starting point guard to lead the back-court, and Julius, with his hard physical play in the post, can lead the currently weak frontcourt.

Quiet as kept, Randle has had a very intriguing season playing alongside Holiday, but the key here is the point guard.

Holiday averaged 21 points, 7 Assists, and 5 Rebounds in 2018-19, his assist total ranking 5th in the NBA.

Since entering the league, he has been a teammate to Allen Iverson and Andre Iguodala in Philly, and of course now as we see, Anthony Davis.

What he learned from the “A.I.” in Philly he can then pass onto Booker.

What he’s learned from Davis in New Orleans, he can teach to Ayton.

In addition, Holiday has a little bit of experience when it comes to the playoffs – something that not one single player in the Suns’ young core can say.

If acquired, Jrue would more than likely be the oldest starter on the team, and there he can be the biggest benefit to the rest of the roster.

But chemistry has to string together like a macaroni chain and acquiring Jrue may not fix all of what ails Phoenix if he can’t learn to play with one lineup.

Here’s where Monty Williams comes in.

Monty was Jrue’s coach in New Orleans for Holiday’s first two years upon arrival.

During that time, Jrue and Monty built a great relationship which the point guard knew would be beneficial to him to develop as Monty had coached Chris Paul.

On a side note, Monty replaced new Suns Vice President Jeff Bower in 2010 in New Orleans.

Monty was offered the position first in June and a month later Bower and the Hornets parted ways.

One thing is for sure, they both worked with Chris Paul so they know a thing or two about having a 5-star talent at point – all of which would benefit the Suns should they move in this desired direction.

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If the Phoenix Suns cant get Ja Morant in the draft, they should jump at the chance and use the coming years to develop the much young player.

However, if Phoenix ended up selecting a big, the Suns would have nothing to justly and give Jrue, and themselves, his “Holiday”.