Phoenix Suns: Analyzing an Ariza trade with the Lakers and Nets

Phoenix Suns Trevor Ariza (Photo by Icon Sportswire)
Phoenix Suns Trevor Ariza (Photo by Icon Sportswire) /
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Spencer Dinwiddie

Dinwiddie reflects a much safer route than Russell with much less risk but also less potential. In the past few years Dinwiddie has gone from a nobody to near-starter level player who can show up in crunch time.

Standing at 6-6 with a solid build and athleticism, Dinwiddie can be a mismatch at point guard. His size makes his jump shot hard to block, and allows him to navigate through the paint and make the pass to an open man or score.

Dinwiddie just signed a three year, $34 million contract extension, and if Phoenix decides they want him at point guard, they could have a cheap low-end starter for the next few seasons.

So who’s the better option, D-Lo or Dinwiddie? The former offers a higher ceiling, more excitement, and gives Booker a good friend to play next to. The latter is cheaper, more consistent, and a much safer bet.

At this point, why should Phoenix play it safe? Dinwiddie would be an extremely solid addition to the team and immediately become a difference maker. But does he really change the team’s future outlook? Can he help them get to where they want to be?

Next. Do not confuse this era of Phoenix Suns losing with tanking. dark

Acquiring D-Lo not only improves the team’s assets but gives them a player who can pair very well with the current roster.  He could be off the team a few years after the trade, but at least he offers the potential to be a starter when the team is (hopefully) competing for the playoffs. He may require the team to give up more assets, but getting rid of Ariza, possibly some late first/ second round picks, and an okay young player for a player as talented as Russell is a great swap for Phoenix.