The Trevor Ariza signing was still a success for the Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Trevor Ariza (Photo by Icon Sportswire)
Phoenix Suns Trevor Ariza (Photo by Icon Sportswire) /

For most NBA team’s, when a player’s tenure begins and ends in one calendar year, it was not a beneficial relationship. Luckily the Phoenix Suns are not your typical NBA team. Although their time together will be short, the Suns are still going to benefit from the Trevor Ariza signing.

By most accounts Trevor Ariza’s time with the Phoenix Suns will be coming to and end within the next week due to a rule that free agents who sign on July 1st can be traded as early as December 15.

When Ariza came to Phoenix it was clear it was going to be a one year thing, he was not going to be in their long-term plans with their young core.

It was also clear that Ariza’s heart was never fully committed to Phoenix either, which is why it is best to part ways.

Regardless of how Ariza played with the Suns, whatever they get from him in a trade will be something they did not have before.

These types of moves are made in baseball all the time where rebuilding teams add veterans on one-year contracts only to ship them off for prospects midway through the year.

So long as the Suns are not taking on bad long-term contracts in return for the veteran, whatever they get for Ariza will be a win.

Markelle Fultz, D’Angelo Russell, or even a 2nd round pick, pretty much anything is a good move.

Moving Ariza also opens up playing time for Mikal Bridges and Josh Jackson, which, however painful it may sound to watch, is a good thing long-term.

There could be an argument to be made that Ariza was not the correct person to spend money on in free agency, which is a legitimate one. However, it works out that Ariza went with a one-year contract, and he is fortunately the type of player that every contending team can always use, making him an easy player to trade.

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Although he has not lived up to expectations on the court, Ariza’s signing has done nothing to hurt the Phoenix Suns long-term, or contribute to their terrible play this season.

It might be a blessing in disguise that the Phoenix Suns are almost forced into giving up Ariza this early, because whatever they get will do more good than keeping Ariza around another 50 games will, which is why the Trevor Ariza signing was a success for the franchise.