The Phoenix Suns should rest Devin Booker until he is healthy

Phoenix Suns Devin Booker (Photo by Barry GossageNBAE via Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns Devin Booker (Photo by Barry GossageNBAE via Getty Images) /

Devin Booker is out for the second time this season with a pulled left hamstring. The Phoenix Suns should rest him for as long as it takes to heal.

The Phoenix Suns are nothing without their star Devin Booker, but he is not much help to them if he can’t play at full strength either, especially if he is missing games in bunches multiple times a year due to reappearing injuries that occur to the same spot.

Pulled hamstrings are awful to play on and sometimes impossible. If you have had one you know exactly how bad it feels, and if you haven’t, just imagine a butcher knife jabbed them removed from the back of your thigh.

The pain of a pulled hamstring can be very intense, and depending on the severity, it could be near impossible to run and cut.

What’s worse is that as it heals, you can eventually reach a point where you feel comfortable running on it, but then one bad move and boom,  the searing pain comes rushing back.

The best way to prevent such re-occurrences is to rest and heal it completely, although unfortunately for the fans of professional athletes, the healing process can sometimes take weeks – and for those who do end up playing on it for the duration of the heeling process, it can actually take months before it finally fully heals.

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Devin Booker is in a position where while playing point guard he is doing a lot more running and cutting than he normally might as a shooting guard who will generally move to a spot and wait for the ball. The wear and tear on a point guard can be more than on other players, and it appears that that might be the issue that Booker’s body is dealing with.

Getting Booker’s hamstring fully healthy is important because it will allow him to focus on his game and not on whether or not his next move is going to be the one the re-aggravates the injury.

For those fans who are desperate for the Suns to land Zion Williamson, a couple of weeks without Devin Booker likely means a long winless streak is coming – further solidifying Phoenix as one of the worst three teams in the league.

December 15, too is also one of the first important league checkpoints of the season, in this case, it is the date that many players can be traded, in particular, Trevor Ariza, who has been tied to the Philadelphia 76ers as a possible piece in a package for point guard Markelle Fultz.

If Booker can rest until then and Phoenix is able to pull off a quick trade for the confusing and confounding former first overall pick (or any potential point guard whom the Suns might trade for this soon), it would then be the perfect time to bring Booker back into the fold, to either continue to fill in if Fultz is still rehabbing himself, or to begin playing alongside another potential pickup, healthy and ready to attack together.

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Regardless of the outcome of that day, the Phoenix Suns should rest Devin Booker until he is fully healthy and no longer playing with a pulled hamstring.