Rumors: How the Phoenix Suns can acquire a Central Division starting point guard

Phoenix Suns Kris Dunn T.J. Warren (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns Kris Dunn T.J. Warren (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Phoenix Suns are in desperate need of a point guard. This is who they can potentially trade for from the Central Division. Part two of a six-part series.

Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver promised that the rebuild was over. The franchise was turning in the opposite direction, there would be no more tanking, and this was the time when the proverbial Phoenix rose from the ashes and the franchise began winning again.

And yet only two weeks into the season and the Suns look just as lost and far away from winning this year as they did last season, and it’s making it difficult to believe that the franchise will ever turn it around.

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns /

Phoenix Suns

This team is in need of more help than just a point guard, but if there is any band aid that can be placed on Phoenix’s wounds, it’s acquiring a quality, starting point guard.

If they don’t, it is entirely possible that this Suns team doesn’t win any more than they did the last few seasons – an entirely depressing thought.

Fortunately there a lot of point guard out there, and this series is going to break down those point guards who Phoenix should target from every team in the league, this post focusing on the Central Division

There are a few stars in here, no doubt, and I only picked players where I believed an honest scenario could occur. I didn’t just throw out names of the best player on every team. If a player is either un-tradable, un-acquirable, or absolutely not going anywhere, I skipped over him in favor of a point guard on the roster that had some plausibility of acquisition.

If Interim General Manager James Jones is able to pull off a trade for one of these point guards, hopefully it works out for the best because they are in dire need of help, and a point guard seems to be the best, first step towards fixing everything.

For now, let’s focus on the Central Division: