Phoenix Suns: Valley of the Suns Live! with a Bonus!

Phoenix Suns John Wall (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns John Wall (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns are 1-5, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to talk about on Valley of the Suns Live! the Weekly Edition!

Whether the Phoenix Suns were competitive or not in their first six game, there is always plenty to talk about on Valley of the Suns Live! the Weekly Edition that streams on Twitter, Periscope, and YouTube every Monday evening at 6pm AZ. The conversations are free-flowing and open to your questions and comments!

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This week, as you can imagine, the focus centered around the point guard situation that is currently facing the Phoenix Suns.

In short: they do not have a good one who should be starting.

The question then is: what are (and should) Interim General Manager James Jones be doing about it?

One name that was a very popular discussion point was current Washington Wizards point guard John Wall.

Wall is a tremendous athlete and a great point guard. Able to score over 20 points a game and dish out 10+ assists, those are statistics that the Phoenix Suns have not had at point guard since Kevin Johnson.

There is no doubt that Wall would be a tremendous upgrade at point guard for Phoenix and give the Suns their third star. I would love to see a player of his caliber come here, but I have three reasons why a trade for him worries me:

  1. His contract is already gigantic. It would very difficult for the Suns to do anything else in free agency this summer and they also have a huge hole at power forward.
  2. He is 28 and I subscribe to the notion that the star core group of players should not be more than four years apart because of generational differences. He is seven years older than Devin Booker and the Suns are absolutely Book’s team. Would that be a problem for Wall?
  3. Over the summer I heard a lot about how bad Wall is in the locker room. That he is a cancer and that life is difficult with him. How true is this? Could he tear the Suns apart? Does he need a change of scenery and a low-stress basketball environment like Phoenix to thrive once again?

We talked about so much more  so you’ll have to check out the stream to catch it all!

This week we have a bonus for you!

I was interviewed by Dan Besbris for’s Fantasy NBA Today Podcast. Please give his ‘cast a follow so you can take the interview (and much more) with you anywhere you go where he discusses fantasy basketball information, although you can get an early glimpse of the stream live here!

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