The Suns’ future Point Guard: Dennis Schroder

One of the biggest holes on the Suns’ roster is point guard. Since the trade of Eric Bledsoe the spot has been a free-for-all. The Phoenix Suns should consider a more permanent solution, Dennis Schroder.

Elfrid Payton, Tyler Ulis, Shaquille Harrison and Brandon Knight comprise the current crop of Phoenix Suns point guards. As of now, there is no clear starter (although Payton seems most likely if he is retained, then potentially Brandon Knight depending on health). (For a re-cap on the point guard situation this past season, check this out). Dennis Schroder is currently the starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks. He has spent his five NBA seasons on the Hawks and has been the starter since 2016-17.

He should be a serious and legitimate candidate for trade for the Phoenix Suns this offseason and the potential air apparent to run point for the foreseeable future.

The Good

Schroder has been steadily improving since entering the Association back in 2013. He has become a better scorer and distributor of the ball year after year. From his rookie season he has improved his scoring by 6.3, 1.0, 6.9 and 1.5 points. This season, he was the primary scorer for the Hawks. Generally, being forced into the primary scoring position, players can fall off a bit. The opposite happened for Schroder; his scoring reached a career high 19.4 and he also averaged 6.2 assists, .1 off of his career-high set the season prior.

However, stats only tell one side of the story. His physical skills add more to his game. His quickness on the court allows him to get inside relatively easy, as well as create space on the floor.

What gives Schroder great value in Phoenix are his scoring and playmaking. Payton also averaged 6.2 assists but averaged only 12.7 points. He also only shot 20.0% from 3 with Phoenix and 10.5% over his final 16 games of the season. Basically, Dennis Schroder creates plays as well as our best playmaker; but is also a better scorer. With Schroder as the starting point guard, a big load is taken off Devin Booker. The same goes for Schroder who will get better looks, not being guarded as the number one option.

The Bad

Schroder has two categories of issues: the first being with his game itself, the second are what I will call personal issues.

For issues in his game, the first is that he is not very strong on defense. Not known as a particularly good defender, he in fact allows almost 50% shooting by opponents he is guarding. From 3-point range, he allows almost 40%. With so many point guards who can score buckets on top of buckets, defense is a necessity.

The second game issue is his height. While it is not something he can control, it would be nice if he had a few more inches to avoid height mismatches. Many fans are somewhat tired with “short” guards on the team and would prefer one around the 6’4″ range.

Lastly are his “personal issues”. In 2017 Schroder was arrested on assault charges. Many would rather avoid any player who has been arrested. It puts a bad light on the player and his team. As of now he is currently facing charges but it has not yet been settled. Pending settlement he could face a possible suspension.

Is he worth it?

Having given the positives and negatives of Dennis Schroder, I believe the Suns should look to trade for him. He is a better scorer than anyone on the Suns not named Devin Booker. He makes plays just as well as Elfrid Payton and brings more developed youth to the squad. If Phoenix can obtain him for the right price, I say pull the trigger. Schroder would be nothing but good for this team.