With Devin Booker extension looming, the timeline is ticking

PHOENIX, AZ - MARCH 13: Devin Booker
PHOENIX, AZ - MARCH 13: Devin Booker /

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker is eligible to receive an extension this offseason which would kick in after his rookie deal expires next season.

Devin Booker’s rookie contract is up after next season and the 21-year-old shooting guard would look to receive a five-year deal worth around $156 million under the rookie extension scale. The numbers are around the same ballpark as players such as Philadelphia 76ers’ center Joel Embiid and Minnesota Timberwolves’ guard/forward Andrew Wiggins.

Considering the former has questions about his health and the latter has been underwhelming, the looming Booker deal is good with all things considered. Especially while factoring in his improvement over the past season. The Phoenix Suns’ investment in Booker’s high upside should pay off.

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns /

Phoenix Suns

Now, what does this mean for the Suns moving forward?

For starters, the clock is ticking.

Booker’s willingness to stay means he understands that it’ll take some time before the Suns can even sniff the likes of the Spurs or the Rockets.

However, should the Suns continue their losing ways over the course of his contract or worse, even tread water in the seventh through 10th spots in the West, Booker may very well demand to take his talents elsewhere.

The next couple of seasons are important for the Suns. It is imperative to have a plan and not wander aimlessly, to tread water or to make signings just for the sake of it (ask fans of a few teams during the summer of 2016’s spending spree how that went).

Currently, the team has both the worst offensive and defensive ratings in the league. Therefore, there is nowhere to go but up. Although this is a team that needs A LOT  of help.

Phoenix Suns’ general manager Ryan McDonough should do what he can to ensure his potential franchise player gets the help he needs. He has done well starting with selecting Josh Jackson in last years draft, as well as Devin Booker in 2015. Hopefully he continues to build on those selections this upcoming offseason with plethora of picks and cap space he has at his disposal.

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In addition to this, he must make sure the relationships between the front office and players improve. Too many players have left the Suns on bad terms with him on duty. Fans should hope this trend does not continue with Booker.

Player relations is perhaps the most important tidbit that the Phoenix Suns should be mindful in Booker era. Time will tell if this becomes an afterthought or the reason for the franchise’s demise.