Should the Suns ponder trading T.J. Warren?


T.J. Warren, in his fourth year in the league is averaging a career high in points with 19.7 per game.

Warren has been a solid option down the stretch for the 19-47 Suns. Warren, shooting 50% from the field, has been reliable for the most part, so parting with him could be hard to imagine as the Suns are sure to want to hold onto whatever current pieces they can when making summer moves.

However, there are several reasons why a deal involving Warren could benefit the Suns:

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First off,  T.J. Warren is in a role in Phoenix as the second man. His near 20ppg is perhaps due to the fact that the Suns simply need someone else other than Devin Booker to score. Lacking star talent behind Booker, it is easy to say that Warren just scores because he plays for a team with a lack of star power. Someone other than D-Book has to put the ball in the rim.

Secondly, is the rising of Josh Jackson. The rookie got off to a slow start, but as the season has progressed, so has Josh. His emergence and the direction the Suns want to go makes it hard to see Jackson outside the starting five for very long. While starting him and T.J. has shown to be effective at times, interest in Aaron Gordon this summer could mean dealing Warren could please everyone. Simply, Josh Jackson, the gritty, 20-year-old wing, will soon surpass Warren in the rotation and likely talent, while still four years younger.

Finally, T.J. Warren is talented, and his game could fit well anywhere. The result, an attractive return package to Phoenix. While the Suns have recently discussed dealing a pick, Warren could help the Suns land someone even better. Whether it be to move up in the draft, or trade for an established veteran with a winning background, if the Suns seek improvement, either would help.

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The Suns currently have three first round picks, one of those with Warren is definitely an attention getter for other General Managers.

While some might find Warren a vital asset in Phoenix, exploring a move could reap some serious benefits.