Phoenix Suns: Marvin Bagley III might have just dropped a major hint

DURHAM, NC - FEBRUARY 21: Marvin Bagley III and Javin DeLaurier
DURHAM, NC - FEBRUARY 21: Marvin Bagley III and Javin DeLaurier /

Potential top lottery pick Marvin Bagley III might have dropped a hint involving where he would like to be drafted and the Phoenix Suns.

The Phoenix Suns‘ front office will have to make a lot of tough decisions in regards to draft prospects in the upcoming months. Suns’ general manager Ryan McDonough will have to decide which players will best fit in Phoenix. It would definitely help McDonough in trying to figure who to target in the draft, if he knew there were any top prospects would want to come to the Suns. McDonough might be in luck in regards to a draft prospect interested in coming to Phoenix.

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According to Jeremy Cluff of azcentral, Marvin Bagley III responded to Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals tweet about Bagley joining the Suns with a praying hands emoji. Interestingly enough when trying to access Bagley’s tweet from Cluff’s article, it was inaccessible. There’s no way of knowing why his tweet isn’t there anymore, but it does raise questions. There’s a chance that all of this is circumstantial and his tweet didn’t mean that he has the desire to play for the Suns. However, Bagley’s hometown is Phoenix, Arizona and it seems a little to suspicious that his tweet wasn’t a hint.

Regardless if Bagley was dropping a hint or not, he’s still should be high on the Suns’ draft board. When I wrote my most recent mock big board, Bagley was ranked second on it, only behind Deandre Ayton. Bagley has the stats to be the Suns’ next top pick as well.

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He could definitely provide the Suns’ a future front court corner stone with his scoring and rebounding. Based on skill alone, he should be near the top of McDonough’s big board.

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It wouldn’t be wise to automatically assume Bagley’s response to Fitzgerald’s tweet was a hint to where he would like to play professionally. However, all of the circumstantial evidence listed above, could give the impression that Bagley was dropping a major hint. Bagley’s skills and possible interest in joining the Phoenix Suns should increase McDonough interest in the big man.