Phoenix Suns: The Top 5 Games fans should look forward to this 2017-2018 season

BOSTON, MA -  MARCH 24: Alan Williams
BOSTON, MA -  MARCH 24: Alan Williams /
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The NBA released the official 2017-2018 regular season schedule on Monday Aug. 14th, 2017. What games should Phoenix Suns fan most look forward to watching?

Anticipation for the upcoming NBA season hit another high on Monday Aug. 14th, as the league announced the upcoming schedule for all 1,230 regular season games.  The Phoenix Suns will open the season on Oct. 18th, hosting the Portland Trail Blazers. This marks the seventh consecutive year that the Suns will start their season-opener at home. Coincidentally, the last time the Suns opened their season on the road was against the Trail Blazers in October of 2010.

Phoenix Suns fans, despite having the team finish the 2017-2018 with a 24-58 record, will be able to watch their team on national television 13 times this season.

It is no surprise that the Suns are in the bottom 12 of teams with the least nationally televised games.  The Golden State Warriors have more than 3.5 times as many national televised games as the Suns with 43 total.  Thankfully, the Phoenix Suns are not in the bottom two teams with the least nationally broadcast games.  Those slots belong to the Chicago Bulls with five games and the Orlando Magic with four games.

Along with having these nationally televised games fans will have many other games to get excited about.  Whether it is a match-up between a particular Pacific Division foe or going across the country to the place where history was witnessed, there are five games Phoenix Suns fans should be most excited for this 2017-2018 season.