What are the Chances the Phoenix Suns do Not make a trade?

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P.J. Tucker

P.J. Tucker partially fits the same description as Dudley from a leadership perspective, but he at least is in the regular rotation and usually defends the best player on the other team. It has also been recently reported that Tucker guards Devin Booker in practice and Earl Watson calls no fouls. Tucker plays Booker very tough, tougher than Book might ever face in a live game, and is therefore a benefit to the growth of Booker’s offensive game moving forward. Aside from the fact that Tucker too may not garner the kind of return that the Suns might want – a first round draft pick – and his contract is up at the end of the season, he may not be moved either.

John Gambadoro is now also reporting there is ‘robust’ interesting in the services of Tucker, but it is unlikely that the Suns will be able to find a player of Tucker’s defensive doggedness somewhere else, the primary element of his game which both helps the Suns by his practice ethics as well a his ability to guard the best player in a live game. Might the Suns actually want to keep Tucker moving forward and possibly re-sign him long-term? Again, John Gambadoro reported that there actually is a chance that this happens, something that until now had seemed decidedly unrealistic.