What are the Chances the Phoenix Suns do Not make a trade?

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Jared Dudley

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Phoenix Suns
NBA: Detroit Pistons at Phoenix Suns /

Speaking of lack of production, Jared Dudley has been relegated to the last player on the bench and may not see the court again the rest of the season save for blowout appearances and the untimely event of long-term injuries to multiple players in front of him.

A fan favorite and veteran leader, Dudley too has a bloated contract for his lack of playing time. While he is still an elite three-point shooter (Duds was top-8 in the league in three-point percentage before the updated rotation relegated him to the back of the bench) he could add depth to a contending team needing a dead-shot veteran presence.

But since possible suitors would probably only offer the Suns the equivalent of Dudley in return (back of the bench veteran with a large contract) and not a draft pick or young prospect who Suns fans wish for, any chance of trading him may be extremely slim. Therefore the Suns would likely prefer – or at least be locked into – keeping him for the time being banking on his example of leadership and work-ethic as reason for making his contract worth paying.