What are the Chances the Phoenix Suns do Not make a trade?

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We all love a good trade. We all love to fantasize about ripping off another team’s goods for our leftovers. And we all know that this Suns team as currently built still needs some tweaking before it is a regular playoff participant.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Phoenix Suns
NBA: Indiana Pacers at Phoenix Suns /

The whole of the Valley of the Suns has speculated, dreamed, and wished about the possibility that the General Manager Ryan McDonough might make at least one blockbuster trade for the Phoenix Suns this season: Brandon Knight has unfortunately become the odd man out and the center of Suns fans trade-attention; P.J. Tucker seems like an ideal candidate to trade to a playoff contender for a draft pick since his contract is up at the end of this season; Jared Dudley was brought in to be a veteran leader, and while his leadership is certainly felt in the locker room, his contract now seems entirely too bloated for his evolution into a coach on the bench; Tyson Chandler’s name has recently come up, and as a defensive and rebounding savant most certainly will draw legitimate attention from contenders as well.

But do other teams want our leftovers for the price the Suns would demand? And do the Suns actually want to move some of the players that have shown up in trade rumors? Do a few play a bigger role in the growth of the team than even fans might give them credit for?