Booker’s a Beast – Beat’s Back Spurs

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NBA: Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs
NBA: Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs /

Thoughts from the Valley of the Suns

Robert  Neal – Site Contributor

Great win tonight by the Suns in Mexico City.  Phoenix ends its five-day adventure south of the border losing to Dallas and beating San Antonio.  Figures.

And Saturday night, the Suns did it with another explosive outing by Devin Booker… and defense. That’s right, defense! It seemed like San Antonio was taking a desperation shot as the shot clock expired on nearly every possession in the 4th quarter.  While Phoenix was much more aggressive at the offensive end.

Tyler Ulis definitely gave the team a spark off the bench, and it’s hard for anyone to match PJ Tucker’s intensity down the stretch.  Impressive.

The Suns continue to play power forward by committee.  Marquese Chriss gave it a good shot in the first half, then it was Dragan Bender and Alex Len in the second half.  Imagine what this team could do with a real power forward supported by their solid bench depth?

And is it just me, or is everyone else tired of Manu Ginóbili’s constant flops?  He is the best I’ve ever seen at flopping on the offensive end.  He purposely draws contact, then flops.  The referees buy it every time.  I know he’s a great player, but I just don’t like him.  I sincerely hope this is his last season.  He won’t be missed.  Sorry, I know – but I don’t like Ginóbili and I don’t like the Spurs.

There.  It feels good just saying it.  If you don’t like it  – too bad.

Go Suns.

Adam Maynes – Site Editor

Boy it was great seeing Booker play the way he has the last two games. Heck, his last five! He’s averaging 31 points, on 11.2 of 20.4 for 55% from the field and an incredible 61% from beyond the arc.

A five game stretch is very impressive, but is still a small period in the season. However, this was his third time reaching the 39 points mark (I was literally yelling at the TV the last two games begging for that free throw against Dallas to fall or for Tucker to pass the ball with 4 seconds left against the Spurs), and the 7th time this season he has scored at least 30.

Do you know who else has scored 30+ 7 times this season?

Giannis Antetokounmpo. Kemba Walker and Bradley Beal has 6, John Wall has 5 – each likely All-Stars.

I do believe that if the Suns offense from now on goes through Booker, then he too could be an All-Star this season as well. It should go through Booker.

Watching Book as active as he was all game today was fantastic. Mexico City was a two game glimpse into the next ten or more years of Booker’s career, something that will make him a star: He was not afraid to drive and get contact. He was confident from the field and his outside shot was falling consistently.

This is the kind of player that we need to be for the team to ultimately be successful – granted we need at least two more players of this caliber.

Seeing Booker play the way he did in Mexico City, was exactly what we need from now on.