Phoenix Suns: Top 1-on-1 Matchups to Watch for in 2016-2017

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Devin Booker vs. D’Angelo Russell

Two former 2015 Lottery picks, and close friends, will meet up four times during the 2016-2017 season.

As bitter rivals, Booker vs. Russell has all the makings of a long-time rivalry. Yes, these players are friends off the court. But once the ball is in the air, friendship doesn’t exist.

Booker and Russell got the opportunity to play with each other on the 2016 USA Select Team and learn more about each other’s game. As they both seem to be two of the more confident and talented young players in the NBA, squaring off against each other will be a show.

Putting all the Russell drama aside, the Lakers are looking to invest heavily in their point guard. The Suns, well they, as well as everyone else, know that Booker is the future of Phoenix and are doing everything they can to build around him.

Although the last time the Suns faced the Los Angeles Lakers it was the Kobe vs. Booker show, it revealed that Booker is ready to take on the Lakers rivalry in full-force.

Some say that although Russell played more starting minutes during his rookie campaign, that Booker is more NBA developed right now. As Suns fans, that’s exciting news that most people won’t argue. But that isn’t going to stop Russell from becoming one of the Lakers best players in the near future.

After one season to get the jitters out, Booker vs. Russell will show the NBA that they are the Suns-Lakers rivalry of the future.

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