Phoenix Suns: Top 1-on-1 Matchups to Watch for in 2016-2017

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Devin Booker vs. Klay Thompson

This is a joke, right? These two may not be the most get in your face type of guys, but they are two of the more dominant scorers in the NBA.

Kevin Durant or no Kevin Durant, Thompson isn’t going to stop be productive for the Golden State Warriors. When they play the Suns, four times I should add, there’s no way that Thompson vs. Booker isn’t going to be a theme one night.

Thompson finished with his best career season last year, averaging 22.1 PPG and shooting 43% from deep. While Booker became just the sixth teenager to have six games with 30 or more points after cracking the starting lineup in Phoenix last season.

If you really believe that Thompson is now going to be irrelevant in Golden State, then you didn’t watch his playoff performances last year.

These two are one day going to be neck and neck as the best shooting guards in the NBA. These four games will just be a preview of how incredible these match ups will be down the road.

But make no mistake, these four head-to-heads will be some of the best basketball of the year.

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