Phoenix Suns: Top 1-on-1 Matchups to Watch for in 2016-2017

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Brandon Knight vs. Kyrie Irving

Knight vs. Irving may leave a Suns vs. Cleveland Cavaliers match up looking like one of the highest scoring games of all-time.

As these two will be battling for who the better scorer on the court is, the overall score may be one of the best of the year. This isn’t saying that the Suns look like they can matchup against the Cavs. But more like Knight may be able to match up against Irving.

These two players are some of the most lethal ball handlers in the NBA. As Brandon Knight returned from injury last season, he showed everyone how explosive he can be off the dribble. Irving the same, as he lead the Cavaliers to their first-ever NBA Title.

This may be a game where both players are matched up on one another for most of the game. If that’s the case, we could be in for one of the most thrilling nights in basketball.

Neither one of the two will be willing to put pride aside if the other is having a big night. In fact, it may one take one of them to beat the other off the dribble to start a war.

No one should be surprised if each has 30+ point nights when these two face off.

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