Suns’ Draft Night Options

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Trade Up to No. 2

Depending on how willing the Lakers are to move out, the Suns could consider jumping to No. 2.

The Lakers won’t be easy to trade with. In fact, it’d take nearly as much to trade to the No. 2 spot as it would to acquire a superstar in the last slide. But again, the Suns have assets. There’s no reason that if nothing else is happening on or before draft night, the Suns don’t try to make the move and draft one of the two sure players in the draft.

Either Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons will suffice. They may have different styles of play, but they can dominate a basketball game one as much as the other. When one player is compared to Kevin Durant, and the other to LeBron James, why not go after them? Two of the most dominant players to touch a basketball court in the past decade are compared to the projected top-two draft picks, and you have the chance to trade up and get one. You shouldn’t be a GM if you aren’t trying.

Again, the Suns would have to dish out most-likely Bledsoe or Knight along with a few picks, but it could work. All depending on Coach Earl Watson and GM Ryan McDonough’s plan, the team, may be looking to continue drafting talent and developing it. Which isn’t a bad idea.

Both Simmons and Ingram are worth a trade. If it can happen, it should. If it can’t happen, it should be attempted.

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