Suns’ Draft Night Options

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Trade No. 4 for a Quality Power Forward

Another option the Suns have on or before draft night is trading the No. 4 pick. A lot of rumors have circulated surrounding the Phoenix Suns’ possibility of trading the No. 4 overall pick.

The first name that comes to mind, Jahlil Okafor. The Philadelphia 76ers have made it known that Okafor is up for grabs. They want another top-five draft pick along with their No. 1 overall selection in hopes of rebuilding this ghastly team.

Good news for the Suns, though. A team in urgent need of a quality power forward with a top-five pick. Okafor won’t be available with just the No. 4 pick, but the Suns have assets to trade as well. Throw Brandon Knight into the mix and Phoenix may have their power forward of the future.

What works well with this trade is the Suns still have another lottery pick at No. 13. The Suns won’t be in much need of replacing Knight after the trade, being that Devin Booker has quickly become a star. That allows the Suns to focus on rounding out their starting five with a player with a year of experience under his belt, disregarding Okafor’s late-season knee injury.

This injury will be the only worry for NBA teams looking to trade for him during the draft. 76er’s General Manager addressed Okafor’s injury, however, stating he’s at Duke University rehabilitating and has “made great headway.” If there are no lingering issues with the knee, there’s no reason the Suns should approach the 76ers. Or at least consider it.

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