Suns’ Draft Night Options

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The Phoenix Suns have accumulated four 2016 draft picks. With those picks, rumor after rumor, prediction after prediction, and every expert NBA Draft analyst under the sun have surfaced. What the Suns will really do on Draft Night, a mystery no one can know until then.

That doesn’t mean the Suns don’t have options, though. With the No. 4 pick, there’s plenty of choices for the Suns. With options, the Suns have a excellent opportunity to bring their team back to playoff shape. The only thing the Suns can’t afford to do is draft/trade for a bust. Repeat – no, busts.

Whether it’s draft a big man, four big men, or figure out a trade, the Suns draft night should be an interesting. Besides the Philadelphia 76ers, the Suns may have the most exciting draft night in the NBA. If executed correctly, the Suns should be looking at a playoff push in 2016/2017.

What are the Suns’ options though? Well, they have a few…

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