5-on-5: Can the Suns sneak into the playoffs?

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Feb 25, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Brandon Knight (3) shoots the ball during the second half against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. The Suns won 110-96. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports /

4. How important is it for impending restricted free agent Brandon Knight to get healthy and play in as many games with Bledsoe as possible for the Suns to know what they have?

Bourguet: It might be more important than giving the youngsters substantial playing time. The trade deadline was a month ago and the Suns still basically don’t have any idea how this Bledsoe-Knight pairing is going to work. Getting Knight back on the court and watching him build some chemistry with Bledsoe would make everyone feel a LOT better about paying him eight figures per season to keep him in Phoenix.

Harris: Extremely important. Brandon Knight was the consolation prize for all of the nutty trades that went down on the trade deadline, and if he doesn’t return or doesn’t play well, then the fans and the players will feel robbed because they didn’t get anything good back for Dragic and Thomas. The Suns primary priority this offseason should be to resign Brandon Knight because he is a quality guard who just needs more reps with Bledsoe.

Hann: It’s important but not imperative. For a team that is actively looking for young core pieces, 23-year-old Knight will be the youngest talent on the market this offseason and after Phoenix surrendered so much for the guard, they aren’t going to let him go so soon. He has shown enough improvement, potential and skill this season to earn himself a long-term deal with Phoenix no matter what happens the rest of the regular season. Not to mention, Phoenix may not have a choice in re-signing Knight, as they would be left with just one point guard on the roster. Wow! The Suns with potentially not enough point guards?! Funny how things change.

Saar: I don’t think it’s important for Brandon Knight to play too many more minutes with Bledsoe and see what they have. Obviously it would be a luxury, but I think they know what they have in Knight. He shoots well from the perimeter, can play off the ball alongside Bledsoe, but can also be a playmaker. Plus he is long and his defense is pretty good. I’d try and re-sign him this offseason, but wouldn’t overpay.

Schall: Immensely. In the midst of a playoff push taking on the best the NBA has to offer is exactly the type of environment you want to test Knight in. Knight has had his moments, but hasn’t consistently played with the same assertiveness that allowed him to break out in Milwaukee. With all the Suns gave up for him it would be shocking if they let him go, but assuming Knight is healthy for this final stretch it’ll give Phoenix a good indication on how best to build around him.