Evaluating Each Suns Backcourt Player After 21 Games

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Goran Dragic

Nov 27, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic (1) dribbles the ball against the Portland Trail Blazers in the second half at US Airways Center. The Suns won 120-106. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Stats: 34.9 MPG, 18.4 PPG, 3.o RPG, 6.3 APG, 0.481 FG%, 0.313 3P%

The simple fact is that this is still the Dragon’s team.

When Eric Bledsoe arrived in Phoenix, there were questions about how Goran Dragic would manage. Could the two of them coexist in one backcourt, or would the Suns deal the player who faithfully remained the silver lining during a dismal 2012 campaign, either to make room for Bledsoe or to ensure their tanking strategy (the one that so far remains to be seen) would be successful? Well, the questions should be answered. Bledsoe has produced very well for the Suns, but hasn’t taken anything from Goran Dragic.  He continues to be a borderline all-star, having put up 30+ points three times this season.

His creativity around the rim is extraordinary, and he can hit shots from anywhere on the floor. He also can find open teammates on the perimeter. He is a tenacious defender who displays his ability to create turnovers on a regular basis.

Shocking as it sounds, if the Suns decide that Bledsoe and Dragic can’t share the floor, the decision of who to stick with will not be easy, and as Dragic continues to be the leader, the decision only gets tougher. Fortunately, it’s looking like the two can get along just fine, and can become the leaders of the young, dynamic Suns.

Grade: A+