Best & Worst Case Scenario: The Tanking Suns?


Dec. 06, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic (1), forward Markieff Morris (11), guard Shannon Brown (26), forward Michael Beasley (0) and center Marcin Gortat (4) huddle up during the game against the Dallas Mavericks in the first half at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

In Case You’ve Missed It:

The whole “Tanking” Situation has been going on in the NBA for a long time now, not only in the NBA but in professional sports period. In professional sports there is one place a team should never be and that’s in-between. In between being competitive and missing the playoffs.

That’s a place most people would refer to as “NBA Purgatory” Because when a team in stuck in such a place, that team isn’t good enough to make noise in the playoffs but at the same time they’re not bad enough to secure a high draft pick which prevents the team from adding a tremendous young talent which they desperately need.

Unfortunately, that’s where the Suns have been the last two seasons, and look at the end result. No playoffs, and two solid but unimpressive young players in Markieff Morris, and Kendall Marshall; not to dismiss either of two players’ game but let’s not kid ourselves here, Morris isn’t going to be the next Tim Duncan and Marshall won’t be the next Steve Nash.

So what should the Suns to do at this point? They are losers of 7 straight games, they’re on pace to have the second worst record in franchise history, they have no legitimate all-star caliber player, and above all else they don’t have a 22 year old rising star like a Kyrie Irving, James Harden or even a O.J Mayo(Yeah Lance Blanks I’m taking a shot at you right here! Come at me!). The Suns missed out on the rejuvenated sensation that is O.J Mayo this off-season to take the superstar that is Michael Beasley……….

Best Case Scenario:

Look, when it comes to a team tanking there is a lot to lose but there’s also a load to gain. Take the Hornets for example, after losing a franchise player in Chris Paul, they lost a bunch of games and bounced back in the NBA draft by drafting one of the best rookies to come into the league in years in Anthony Davis; had New Orleans wisely allowed the Suns to sign Eric Gordon they would be in a far better position right now but nonetheless they’re still in a great position.

Worst Case Scenario:

Now when you’re going to tank there are also a lot that can go wrong. Take a look at the Minnesota Timberwolves, back in 2011 they finished the 2010-2011 season with a 17-65 and secured the 2nd overall pick in a relatively thin crop of young talents(much like this season) which led them to taking Derrick Williams with the 2nd overall pick. Williams thus far has shown flashes of stardom but for the most part he’s played like a Markeiff Morris with a better handle; that’s not what you want to get out of a 2nd overall pick.

What Position Are The Suns In?

Okay now down to business, at this I sound like a broken record the Suns are losers of 7 straight games, they’re on pace to have the second worst record in franchise history, they have no legitimate all-star caliber player, and above all else they don’t have a 22 year old rising star. So if you ask me the best thing for the team to do at this point is to tank and trade away soon to expire contracts like Sebastian Telfair, and Marcin Gortat and let guys like Goran Dragic, Kendall Marshall, Wesley Johnson, Markieff Morris, and Michael Beasley play heavy minutes.

Now tanking doesn’t exactly mean you’re losing on purpose, but rather you’re allowing your young players to play, gain experience, and generally speaking because you’re playing so many inexperienced players sometimes losing is just apart of the learning process.

Unfortunately this isn’t the perfect season for the Suns to tank, a large part to due the thin crop of talent that will be apart of the 2013 draft. I’ve been personally following up on the NBA draft for a long time now and this 2013 NBA draft in my opinion is better than the 2011 draft class but nonetheless it’s very unimpressive if you compare it to the draft that just took place this past June.

The Suns are currently sitting at the 14th spot in the western conference at the moment behind only the wounded Hornets. Tanking or rather “Experimental Losing” Is always a risk no matter how you look at it, and the Suns organization have been so used to winning and being apart of the playoffs, but this team needs a centerpiece to build around and they need it now.

Next Step:

The Suns at the moment doesn’t have a player that has that star level potential, and one way or another they need to get one whether it’s through the draft or free agency; personally I rather take my chances in the draft.

The December 15th date is right around the corner. Why that date significant you ask? Well that’s the date that most of the players who were drafted or signed during this past off-season will be eligible for trade which means the Suns will have a lot of options when it comes to shopping guys like Marcin Gortat or Sebastian Telfair on the open market.