Suns Get Robbed On Fun Night! Mavericks 97 – Suns 94


Dec. 06, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic (1) lays up the ball during the game against the Dallas Mavericks in the second half at US Airways Center. The Mavericks defeated the Suns 97-94. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Before I even get started on this article, I must express this towards the three referees that reffed last night’s Suns vs. Mavs game. The Dallas Mavericks got away with multiple walks most notably O.J Mayo who moved his pivot foot at least twice on that shot he hit over Sebastian Telfair to ultimately win the game for Dallas! The ref was right in front of that play and the fact that they let Mayo get away with that is absurd!

For those of you who went to the game, you’d be liars to say you didn’t have a good time because that game was anything but dull; okay you’re right the 2nd and 3rd quarter were eye sores but overall it could of been far worse. Fortunately for the Suns, their “Satisfactions guaranteed night” Probably went well, unfortunately the Suns came out with the loss and have now dropped 5 straight games.

The Phoenix Suns(7-13) fell to the Dallas Mavericks(9-10) at home last night in downtown Phoenix with a 94-97 loss that spoiled in what was a career night for Suns sophomore Markeiff Morris who had a breakout game posting 15 points, 17 rebounds(7 offensive), 3 assists, 2 blocks and zero turnovers; as I’ve mentioned in the Suns players Nov. report card, Morris is a great rebounder when HE’S NEAR THE RIM which he was all night.

The game was highly competitive for the most part, but it was that ungodly 3rd quarter that cost the Suns. After a Michael Beasley jumper at the 10:00 mark in the 3rd quarter the Suns led 46-42, and after that basket the Suns would go the next 7:01 without a made basket and found themselves trailing 52-63 after Jared Dudley broke that awful stretch with a lay-up off of a Luis Scola dish.

Fortunately for the Suns, they would close out the 3rd quarter on a 10-4 run to limit the damages. However they still trailed Dallas 62-69 heading into the 4th quarter and Suns owner Robert Sarver’s wallet was about to take a huge hit from all the refund demands but naturally, these resilient Suns geared up for a comeback like they’ve done all season long.

The Suns would open the 4th on a 5-2 run and trailed 71-67 with 10:57 left in the ball game, but after a Dallas timeout, the Mavericks went on a 10-4 run and the Suns were down 81-71 with 5:39 to go.

Dec. 06, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic (1), forward Markieff Morris (11), guard Shannon Brown (26), forward Michael Beasley (0) and center Marcin Gortat (4) huddle up during the game against the Dallas Mavericks in the first half at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Suns would answer urgently with a 9-2 run of their own and the game was up for grabs as the score was 83-80 in favor of Dallas with 2:28 left in the ball game. Luis Scola would then commit a turnover the following Phoenix possession which lead to a clear path foul committed by Goran Dragic which sent Darren Collison to the free throw line and he made both free throws with 1:58 left in the contest to push the Dallas lead to 5 as they led 85-80.

Sebastian Telfair would get to the foul line and make two free throws the following possession to make it a one possession game but the Maverick’s Brandan Wright would answer with a lefty lay-up off the backboard with 1:16 left and the Suns were trailing 87-82.

This night win or lose belonged to Markieff Morris, not only did he rebound like an animal all night but it was Morris that drilled the big time 3-pointer with 1:01 left in the ball game to get the Suns within 2 points. On the following possession Shannon Brown knocked the ball loose from Darren Collison and was fouled immediately by Dallas and Brown stepped up to the foul line to tie the game at 87-87 with 48 seconds left in the contest after his two made freebies.

This was the play that disgusted me, because it was so obvious O.J Mayo shuffled his foot and the ref stood right in front of him and didn’t blow the whistle. Chris Kaman got away with a similar play in the 2nd quarter. I mean I understand that it’s tough to make that call at that stage of the game but that was just a tough pill to swallow. Ultimately, Mayo hit the shot over Sebastian Telfair to give Dallas a 89-87 lead with 34 seconds left to go. O.J Mayo had another fine game for Dallas as he led all scorers with 23 points, and added 5 rebounds along with 5 assists.

There was a glimmer of hope for the Suns as Goran Dragic drove down the lane the following possession but missed the potential game tying lay-up with 24 seconds and that was pretty much all she wrote; there was a free throw battle going there for a little while but the Suns were out of timeouts and Shannon Brown’s 40 foot prayer at the buzzer wasn’t answered(I don’t believe he even got it off on time).

Dec. 06, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry talks with players guard Goran Dragic (1), guard Shannon Brown (26) , guard Sebastian Telfair (31), forward Markieff Morris and forward Luis Scola (14) during the game against the Dallas Mavericks in the second half at US Airways Center. The Mavericks defeated the Suns 97-94. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

This was without a doubt a tough game for the Suns to lose because at the end of the day that game was theirs to win. The Suns clearly have a lot of work to do chemistry wise because offensively it’s just not working, as they are ranked 18th this season in assist per game and during the Dallas game the Suns went through a 19 minute time period in which they only got 1 assist, that can’t happen. In the NBA, you have to play team basketball to win, 1 assist over a 19 minute stretch, come on guys…..

The Suns will have the next two days to figure how to improve as a unit as they’ll prepare to face off against the Clippers of Los Angeles on Saturday. Bottom-line the Suns need to do a good job for 48 minutes if they want to win, no team in professional sports can afford to dig themselves a hole every night and expect to climb out of it with a win on a regular basis(unless your Eli Manning and you’re playing in the Superbowl). Alvin Gentry said in the post game that a line-up change may be imminent. Stay tuned on for updates.

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