Marcin Gortat Situation Needs To Be Handled Immediately!


Nov 25, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat (4) reacts to a call during the third quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wachovia Center. The Sixers defeated the Suns 104-101. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Marcin Gortat seems like he’s fallen out of favor with head coach Alvin Gentry. Since Marcin Gortat’s little act of rebellion when he threw his teammates and even Gentry himself under the bus by pretty much saying he’s not getting enough touches, his teammates are playing too selfish and talking to Gentry wouldn’t help. In his defense, he had a point but you can’t go out and say that to the media in professional sports; all that does is that it invites controversy into the locker-room.

What took place last night was very puzzling to me and judging by the reaction of many Suns fans on Facebook they aren’t happy about it neither. Gortat isn’t the fan favorite that someone like Jared Dudley is and after his rant about his teammates and Alvin Gentry with the Polish media got out, the fans suddenly don’t seem so fond of him; not that they were to begin with.

Last night Marcin Gortat who was having a fine game, he was all fired up after scoring all those points in the 3rd quarter(He scored 13 points in a 5 minute stretch), getting his and-ones, everything was flowing smoothly. Then came the 4th quarter, Gentry decided to stick with Jermaine O’Neal for the remaining 14 minutes of the game(O’Neal checked in for Gortat late in the 3rd). Gortat has averaged 32 minutes per game on the season and in the last 4 games he’s averaged 26 minutes a game; oh yeah by the way, the day his interview leaked out was after the Lakers game which was 4 games ago, coincidence? IT MUST BE!!!

I’ve appraised this Gortat situation repetitively. Bottom-line, the Suns get absolutely nothing out of keeping this guy. At this point it clearly seems like he’s lost the trust of Alvin Gentry and with Jermaine O’Neal playing his best basketball in years is allowing Gentry to bench Gortat for extended periods of time.

So my things with all of this is, why don’t you trade this guy already? I mean realistically speaking the Suns won’t benefit in any sort of way by keeping Gortat. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, if the Suns couldn’t get into the playoffs with Steve Nash running the show, odds are they’re not going to get into the playoffs with Goran Dragic.

October 26, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat (4) reacts after getting fouled in the third quarter against the Denver Nuggets at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-US PRESSWIRE

Yes, yes I know they added other pieces as well but all those pieces combined still isn’t who? Still isn’t Steve Nash. So plain and simple, the Suns playoff odds? A snowball’s chance. Marcin Gortat? His trade value drops little more every single day, and benching him in the 4th quarter only makes matters worse.

Most recently, multiple sources have confirmed that Gortat declined a contract extension from the Suns in October and he said he wanted to finish out his contract and it seems Marcin Gortat has no interest in signing an extension.

“We just said we’re going to wait,” Gortat told The Arizona Republic. “I want to finish this contract, and we’ll see where I go from there. It didn’t even bother me or change anything in my attitude or performance. The thing I’m concentrating is coming back to dominating the game and getting back to being a defensive spark.”

What’s the future of the Phoenix Suns organization depended on? Hitting a home run in the NBA draft. What should the Suns do at this point? Get rid of Gortat while he’s still worth a brand new penny and draw up a freaking blue-print for the future and start building a championship-like culture that all great professional sports franchises from the San Antonio Spurs to the New England Patriots to the New York Yankees all have.

Being a die-hard Suns fan since I was a kid and watching them run into bad luck in the playoffs, then get screwed by big shot Rob, and

November 4, 2012; Orlando FL, USA; Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat (4) during the first half against the Orlando Magic at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

watching Robert Sarver sell 1st round picks like girl scouts selling cookies I’ve just had about enough of it. Mr. Sarver get this Marcin Gortat situation taken care of immediately, he’s fell out of favor with your coach, he’s not the face of your franchise, he’s your most valuable trading asset, his value decreases literally as each day passes, there are teams out there that are interested in his services.

I’m just curious what these guys are waiting for, because Gortat’s finding his way out of Phoenix one way or another. Gortat is clearly not a happy camper right now, and if the late game benching continues this guy is going to demand a trade. Should that happen the Suns would lose all leverage in terms of negotiating a good deal with another team.

Gortat has no reason to stay in Phoenix, he’s not getting the touches he want, which is worse given that he’s not exactly on a team loaded with all-stars. Gortat is also on a bargain contract in that a player of his caliber should be making a lot more than what he’s making now, and above all else, the team isn’t winning.

Gortat spent his first 3 1/2 years with the Orlando Magic, during that period of time he’s played in 46 post season games, including 5 of them in the finals.This guy is used to winning, which right now, isn’t happening in Phoenix and clearly that’s having an effect on him.

So, Mr. Sarver,  Lon Babby, Lance Blanks, what are you guys waiting for? This Marcin Gortat situation has officially gone public! I mean when ESPN dedicates to an article to the Suns you know it’s serious! Especially since Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire left there are no more stars on this team.